buildtools: Remove libunwind from buildtools/DEPS

If your project DEPS's in buildtools and needs libunwind, edit your
toplevel DEPS file to have something like

  'libunwind_revision':    'a2cc4f8c554dedcb0c64cac5511b19c43f1f3d32',

in its `vars =` section, and an entry similar to

    Var('chromium_git') +
    '/external/' + '@' +

in its `deps =` section. Add libunwind_revision to your autoroller
that rolls //build and //tools/clang etc.

Since libunwind is only used in Fuchsia builds and for chrome/android's
sampling profiler, it's possible that no projects other than chromium
actually need this.

This makes it possible to set up an autoroller for libunwind for chromium.

Bug: 1177288
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