Revert "Roll src/buildtools/third_party/libc++/trunk/ 5938e0582..ad464887b (53 commits)"

This reverts commit 46639e930615fcea2a1cadd1143bbe0cd4b8d5bd.

Reason for revert: Compile error.

Original change's description:
> Roll src/buildtools/third_party/libc++/trunk/ 5938e0582..ad464887b (53 commits)
> This CL is necessary to fix the gcc 4.8 build:
> Wanted for this CL, which improves the debugging experience:
> $ git log 5938e0582..ad464887b --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
> 2019-06-13 thomasanderson [libc++] Fix build with gcc 4.8
> 2019-06-13 ldionne [libc++] Add missing #include in <cwchar> tests
> 2019-06-13 eric Make GCC in C++03 Unsupported
> 2019-06-12 ldionne [libcxx] XFAIL set/multiset CTAD tests on Apple Clang 10
> 2019-06-12 ldionne [libcxx] XFAIL some CTAD tests on AppleClang 10
> 2019-06-12 eric Apply [[nodebug]] to typedefs throughout the STL.
> 2019-06-11 eric Move libc++ specific tests for std::function out of the std directory
> 2019-06-11 eric Add documentation and tests for Clangs C++11 extensions in C++03.
> 2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Mark CTAD tests for set and multiset as unsupported on older Apple Clangs
> 2019-06-11 mclow.lists Mark CTAD fail tests for set/multiset as XFAIL for older compilers that give different error messages
> 2019-06-11 mclow.lists XFAIL a couple of tests on apple-clang-9.1, which is a compiler that I didn't know existed
> 2019-06-11 eric Check in test that demonstrates ABI break for std::function.
> 2019-06-11 ldionne [libc++] Implement deduction guides for <set>
> 2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Make std::tuple<> trivially constructible
> 2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Slightly improved policy for handling experimental features
> 2019-06-11 mclow.lists Add a test for is_base_of and incomplete types. Because this trait uses a compiler intrinsic which was broken in many clangs, have lots of XFAILs.
> 2019-06-11 mclow.lists XFAIL a couple of CTAD tests on clang-6; it gives different error messages than clang 7/8/9
> 2019-06-10 mclow.lists Recommit r362649, which was reverted in r262680 because of bugs in std::to_chars (which have now been fixed). Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO
> 2019-06-10 mclow.lists Implement deduction guides for map/multimap. Reviewed as Thanks to Quuxplusone for the submission.
> 2019-06-10 zy [libc++] Fix leading zeros in std::to_chars
> 2019-06-08 eric update debugging docs to be less out of date
> 2019-06-08 eric Substantially reduce instantiations and debug size of std::function
> 2019-06-08 eric Fix some incorrect std::function tests
> 2019-06-06 vlad Revert "Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO."
> 2019-06-05 ldionne [libcxx][test] Include test_workarounds.h where needed
> 2019-06-05 mclow.lists Update issue statuses. Reviewed as
> 2019-06-05 mclow.lists Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO. Reviewed as  Thanks to ivafanas for all his work on this patch.
> 2019-06-04 ldionne [libcxx] Add test to check min/max requirement to regular expression
> 2019-06-04 mclow.lists No longer reject inputs when using a locale that has grouping information _and_ the input has no grouping characters at all. We continue to reject cases when the input has grouping characters in the wrong place. Fixes PR#28704
> 2019-06-04 mclow.lists We had a _LIBCPP_ASSERT commented out because gcc 4.9 didn't like it. We (LLVM) now require GCC 5.1, so that's not a problem any more. Re-enable the assertion. Fixes PR#36863
> 2019-06-02 phosek [libcxx] Use libtool when merging archives on Apple platforms
> 2019-05-31 mclow.lists Add include for 'test_macros.h' to all the tests that were missing them. Thanks to Zoe for the (big, but simple) patch. NFC intended.
> 2019-05-30 ldionne [libcxx] Add regex test cases from PR40904
> 2019-05-30 jryans [Docs] Modernize references to macOS
> 2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Use _LIBCPP_HAS_COMMENT_LIB_PRAGMA in all relevant files
> 2019-05-30 phosek [libcxx][libcxxabi] Remove the unused CMake checks
> 2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Use -Wunknown-pragmas for the pragma check
> 2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Check if pragma comment(lib, ...) is supported first
> 2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Support ELF dependent libraries feature
> 2019-05-29 ldionne [NFC][libcxx] Remove trailing whitespace
> 2019-05-29 mclow.lists Add additional constraints on midpoint(pointer, pointer). Fixes PR#42037.
> 2019-05-29 eric Fix build breakage on 32-bit machines
> 2019-05-29 eric Rework std::type_info definition to support systems without fully merged type info names.
> 2019-05-28 mclow.lists Fix test that used raw string literals. Doesn't work in C++03
> 2019-05-28 mclow.lists Fix an incorrect 'Throws' in the regex code. Add a test for the new behavior. Reviewed as Thanks to Mark for the catch and the fix.
> 2019-05-24 eric fix test for older clang versions
> 2019-05-24 eric fix destroying delete test with older apple compilers
> 2019-05-24 eric Update C++2a status for destroying delete
> 2019-05-23 eric P0722R3:  Implement library support for destroying delete
> 2019-05-23 chris.bieneman [CMake] Copy C++ headers before configuring runtimes build
> 2019-05-23 ldionne [libcxx][tests] Fix order checking in unordered_multiset tests.
> 2019-05-22 phosek [runtimes] Move libunwind, libc++abi and libc++ to lib/$target/c++ and include/c++
> 2019-05-22 ldionne [libcxx][test] Fix order checking in some more unordered_multimap tests
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