Revert "Roll GN from 55ad154c..dfcbc6fe"

This reverts commit 32b629e77d005e642367b11e1f31edc5a1d73110.

Reason for revert:
This broke the cros builder:

ERROR at //third_party/protobuf/proto_library.gni:118:3: Unknown function.

This roll includes the change:
55e535a6 Remove `set_sources_assignment_filter` function

Seems like this change was already rolled back because of a similar error in chromeos/assistant:

But it seems there is still a problem with //third_party/protobuf

Original change's description:
> Roll GN from 55ad154c..dfcbc6fe
> Generated by //tools/gn/
>     dfcbc6fe [xcode] Fix detection of XCTests by Xcode 12.0+
>     55e535a6 Remove `set_sources_assignment_filter` function
>     8fe02009 Add "else" to the list of gn keyword
>     d7cf6238 Address readme feedback.
>     ef13fe92 Change python to python3
>     09c9e5ee Fix some typos
>     335dd456 Fix build for riscv64 arch
>     94bda7cc Reword command format error messages
>     5f30bbf9 Add more README documentation.
> Bug: 1018739, 1174473, 1071055, 1103230
> Change-Id: I7af4db983f6a3ade9e667bf4ec9a55387655b7f1
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> Auto-Submit: Sylvain Defresne <>
> Commit-Queue: Dirk Pranke <>
> Reviewed-by: Dirk Pranke <>
> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#852251},,

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Bug: 1018739
Bug: 1174473
Bug: 1071055
Bug: 1103230
Reviewed-by: Roger Tawa <>
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