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$ git log fbddc4698..9b96c3dbd --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-04-15 thomasanderson [libc++] Fix build failure with _LIBCPP_DEBUG=0 when iterators return values instead of references
2019-04-15 ldionne [NFC] Add missing revision number in libc++ ABI changelog
2019-04-15 ldionne [libc++] Make sure that the symbol differ takes into account symbol types
2019-04-12 ldionne [libc++] Run back-deployment CI against previously-released libc++abi dylibs
2019-04-12 eric Cleanup how debug comparators are created in <algorithm>
2019-04-11 ldionne [libc++] Make sure we don't eagerly diagnose non-const comparators for containers of incomplete types
2019-04-10 metzman Remove repeated words from BuildingLibcxx.rst
2019-04-09 martin [CMake] Fix statically linking in libcxxabi if built separately
2019-04-08 ldionne [libc++] Remove install_name and compatibility_version on OS X
2019-04-05 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Make sure the benchmarks link against libc++abi
2019-04-05 ldionne [libc++] Localize CMake code only related to the shared library
2019-04-05 ldionne [libc++] Add XFAILs for istream tests that were added in r357775
2019-04-05 ldionne [libc++] Fix error flags and exceptions propagated from input stream operations
2019-04-04 eric Handle TLS values in sym_check
2019-04-04 nicolasweber Try to suppress nodiscard_extension failures with Xcode 9
2019-04-03 eric Cleanup test failures in no discard tests.
2019-04-03 eric Attempt to upgrade compiler used by appveyor builds
2019-04-03 eric disable appveyor config for MSVC 2015

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