Add breakpad support for me2me and it2me native messaging host on Mac.

Changes in this CL include:
1. Initialize breakpad in it2me native messaging host
2. Create bundles for it2me and me2me native messaging hosts and move them out of the me2me host bundle (and update the manifests accordingly).
3. Dump symbols of the it2me and me2me native messaging hosts
4. Sign the me2me and it2me native messaging hosts
4. Rename the me2me host bundle and the prefPane bundle to get rid of the internal chromium/chromoting names and to conform to Mac convention
5. Refactor GYP,, and, etc to use name constants from branding_chrome and branding_chromium instead of hard coded names. This ensures that all the name constants are defined in a central location and reduces duplicate name definitions. 

Here are the names of the host bundles:

me2me host:
old name: org.chromium.chromoting.me2me_host
new name: ChromeRemoteDesktop.Host

Pref pane:
old name: org.chromium.chromoting.prefPane
new name: ChromeRemoteDesktop.prefPane

it2me nm host:
name: NativeMessagingHost 
Full Path: /Library/Google/ChromeRemoteDesktop/

me2me nm host:
name: RemoteAssistanceHost 
Full path: /Library/Google/ChromeRemoteDesktop/



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