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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Python representation for Chromium Omnibox.
Obtain one of these from PyUITestSuite::GetOmniboxInfo() call.
class MyTest(pyauto.PyUITest):
def testBasic(self):
info = self.OmniboxInfo() # fetch omnibox snapshot
print info.Matches()
See more tests in chrome/test/functional/
import simplejson as json
from pyauto_errors import JSONInterfaceError
class OmniboxInfo(object):
"""Represent info for Chromium Omnibox.
Info contains:
- a list of matches in the same order as you'd see in the omnibox,
- a dictionary of properties related to the omnibox.
Sample info text:
{ u'matches': [
u'contents': u'google',
u'description': u'Google Search',
u'destination_url': u''
u'starred': False,
u'type': u'search-what-you-typed'},
u'contents': u'',
u'description': u'Google Maps',
u'destination_url': u'',
u'starred': False,
u'type': u'navsuggest'},
{ u'contents': u'google maps',
u'description': u'',
u'destination_url': u''
u'starred': False,
u'type': u'search-suggest'},
{ u'contents': u'google earth',
u'description': u'',
u'destination_url': u''
u'starred': False,
u'type': u'search-suggest'},
{ u'contents': u'Search Google for <enter query>',
u'description': u'(Keyword:',
u'destination_url': u'',
u'starred': False,
u'type': u'search-other-engine'}],
u'properties': { u'has_focus': True,
u'keyword': u'',
u'query_in_progress': False,
u'text': u'google'}}
def __init__(self, omnibox_dict):
"""Initialize a OmniboxInfo from a json string.
omnibox_dict: returned by an IPC call for the command 'GetOmniboxInfo'.
pyauto_errors.JSONInterfaceError if the automation call returns an error.
# JSON string prepared in GetOmniboxInfo() in
self.omniboxdict = omnibox_dict
if self.omniboxdict.has_key('error'):
raise JSONInterfaceError(self.omniboxdict['error'])
def Matches(self):
"""Get omnibox matches.
a list of omnibox match items.
return self.omniboxdict.get('matches', [])
def MatchesWithAttributes(self, attr_dict):
"""Find all omnibox matches which match the attributes in |attr_dict|.
attr_dict: a dictionary of attributes to be satisfied.
All attributes in the given dictionary should be satisfied.
{ 'destiantion_url': '',
'description': 'Google' }
a list of omnibox match items.
out = []
for item in self.Matches():
matched = True
for key, val in attr_dict.iteritems():
if not item.has_key(key) or item[key] != val:
matched = False
if matched:
return out
def Properties(self, key=None):
"""Get the properties
key: if specified, value for the given property is returned.
a dictionary of properties if no key is given, OR
value corresponding to a particular property if key is given
all = self.omniboxdict.get('properties')
if not key:
return all
return all.get(key)
def Text(self):
"""Get the text in the omnibox.
This need not be the same as the user-inputted text, since omnibox may
autocomplete some URLs, or the user may move omnibox popup selection
return self.Properties('text')
def IsQueryInProgress(self):
"""Determine if a query is in progress."""
return self.Properties('query_in_progress')