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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Swig Interface for PyAuto.
// PyAuto makes the Automation Proxy interface available in Python
// Running swig as:
// swig -python -c++ chrome/test/pyautolib/pyautolib.i
// would generate, pyautolib_wrap.cxx
// When adding a new class or method, make sure you specify the doc string using
// %feature("docstring", "doc string goes here") NODENAME;
// and attach it to your node (class or method). This doc string will be
// copied over in the generated python classes/methods.
%module(docstring="Python interface to Automation Proxy.") pyautolib
%feature("autodoc", "1");
%include <cpointer.i>
%include <std_string.i>
%include <std_wstring.i>
%include "chrome/test/pyautolib/argc_argv.i"
// NOTE: All files included in this file should also be listed under
// pyautolib_sources in chrome_tests.gypi.
// Headers that can be swigged directly.
%include "chrome/app/chrome_command_ids.h"
%include "chrome/app/chrome_dll_resource.h"
%include "chrome/common/automation_constants.h"
%include "chrome/common/pref_names.h"
%include "content/public/common/page_type.h"
%include "content/public/common/security_style.h"
// Must come before cert_status_flags.h
%include "net/base/net_export.h"
%ignore net::MapNetErrorToCertStatus(int);
%include "net/cert/cert_status_flags.h"
#include "chrome/common/automation_constants.h"
#include "chrome/common/pref_names.h"
#include "chrome/test/automation/browser_proxy.h"
#include "chrome/test/automation/tab_proxy.h"
#include "chrome/test/pyautolib/pyautolib.h"
#include "content/public/common/security_style.h"
#include "net/test/spawned_test_server/spawned_test_server.h"
// Handle type uint32 conversions as int
%apply int { uint32 };
// scoped_refptr
template <class T>
class scoped_refptr {
scoped_refptr(T* p);
T* get() const;
T* operator->() const;
%feature("docstring", "Represent a URL. Call spec() to get the string.") GURL;
class GURL {
explicit GURL(const std::string& url_string);
%feature("docstring", "Get the string representation.") spec;
const std::string& spec() const;
// FilePath
namespace base {
"Represent a file path. Call value() to get the string.") FilePath;
class FilePath {
%feature("docstring", "Get the string representation.") value;
#ifdef SWIGWIN
typedef std::wstring StringType;
typedef std::string StringType;
#endif // SWIGWIN
const StringType& value() const;
%feature("docstring", "Construct an empty FilePath from a string.")
explicit FilePath(const StringType& path);
} // namespace base
class PyUITestSuiteBase {
%feature("docstring", "Create the suite.") PyUITestSuiteBase;
PyUITestSuiteBase(int argc, char** argv);
virtual ~PyUITestSuiteBase();
%feature("docstring", "Initialize from the path to browser dir.")
void InitializeWithPath(const base::FilePath& browser_dir);
%feature("docstring", "Set chrome source root path, used in some tests")
void SetCrSourceRoot(const base::FilePath& path);
class PyUITestBase {
PyUITestBase(bool clear_profile, std::wstring homepage);
%feature("docstring", "Initialize the entire setup. Should be called "
"before launching the browser. For internal use.") Initialize;
void Initialize(const base::FilePath& browser_dir);
%feature("docstring", "Appends a command-line switch (with associated value "
"if given) to the list of switches to be passed to the browser "
"upon launch. Should be called before launching the browser. "
"For internal use only.")
void AppendBrowserLaunchSwitch(const char* name);
void AppendBrowserLaunchSwitch(const char* name, const char* value);
%feature("docstring", "Begins tracing with the given category_patterns "
bool BeginTracing(const std::string& category_patterns);
%feature("docstring", "Ends tracing and returns the collected events.")
std::string EndTracing();
void UseNamedChannelID(const std::string& named_channel_id);
"Fires up the browser and opens a window.") SetUp;
virtual void SetUp();
"Closes all windows and destroys the browser.") TearDown;
virtual void TearDown();
%feature("docstring", "Launches the browser and IPC testing server.")
void LaunchBrowserAndServer();
%feature("docstring", "Closes the browser and IPC testing server.")
void CloseBrowserAndServer();
%feature("docstring", "Determine if the profile is set to be cleared on "
"next startup.") get_clear_profile;
bool get_clear_profile() const;
%feature("docstring", "If False, sets the flag so that the profile is "
"not cleared on next startup. Useful for persisting profile "
"across restarts. By default the state is True, to clear profile.")
void set_clear_profile(bool clear_profile);
%feature("docstring", "Get the path to profile directory.") user_data_dir;
base::FilePath user_data_dir() const;
// Meta-method
%feature("docstring", "Send a sync JSON request to Chrome. "
"Returns a JSON dict as a response. "
"Given timeout in milliseconds."
"Internal method.")
std::string _SendJSONRequest(int window_index,
const std::string& request,
int timeout);
"Returns empty string if there were no unexpected Chrome asserts or "
"crashes, a string describing the failures otherwise. As a side "
"effect, it will fail with EXPECT_EQ macros if this code runs "
"within a gtest harness.") GetErrorsAndCrashes;
std::string CheckErrorsAndCrashes() const;
namespace net {
// SpawnedTestServer
"SpawnedTestServer. Serves files in data dir over a local http server")
class SpawnedTestServer {
enum Type {
// Initialize a SpawnedTestServer listening on the specified host
// (IP or hostname).
SpawnedTestServer(Type type, const std::string& host,
const base::FilePath& document_root);
// Initialize a SpawnedTestServer with a specific set of SSLOptions.
SpawnedTestServer(Type type,
const SSLOptions& ssl_options,
const base::FilePath& document_root);
%feature("docstring", "Start SpawnedTestServer over an ephemeral port") Start;
bool Start();
%feature("docstring", "Stop SpawnedTestServer") Stop;
bool Stop();
%feature("docstring", "Get FilePath to the document root") document_root;
const base::FilePath& document_root() const;
std::string GetScheme() const;
%feature("docstring", "Get URL for a file path") GetURL;
GURL GetURL(const std::string& path) const;
%extend SpawnedTestServer {
%feature("docstring", "Get port number.") GetPort;
int GetPort() const {
int val = 0;
$self->server_data().GetInteger("port", &val);
return val;
// SSLOptions
"SSLOptions. Sets one of three types of a cert")
struct SSLOptions {
enum ServerCertificate {
// Initialize a new SSLOptions that will use the specified certificate.
explicit SSLOptions(ServerCertificate cert);
typedef net::SpawnedTestServer::SSLOptions SSLOptions;
%pointer_class(int, int_ptr);
%pointer_class(uint32, uint32_ptr);