[dirmd] Deduplicate directory metadata

Programmatically delete redundant metadata.
This CL is entirely machine-generated:
1. Export the metadata in the "original" and "reduced" forms:
   dirmd read -form original > ~/tmp/dirmd/original.json
   dirmd read -form reduced  > ~/tmp/dirmd/reduced.json
2. Run reduce.py
   Source code: https://gist.github.com/nodirg/a4803af94ffe258ba0a6e0a4807141d8

The script diffs the two JSON files and strips redundant
lines from DIR_METADATA files. If the file became empty, then
removes the file.

The results of the script was verified by diffing canonical
representation of `dirmd read -form full` before and after
the script: there is no diff.

Bug: 1179786
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This directory contains shared constants and interfaces used for communication between the Chrome Cleanup Tool and Chrome's Safe Browsing service.