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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
namespace metrics {
namespace structured {
// A base class for generated structured metrics event objects. This class
// should not be used directly.
class EventBase {
EventBase(const EventBase& other);
virtual ~EventBase();
// Specifies which value type a Metric object holds.
enum class MetricType {
kString = 0,
kInt = 1,
// Stores all information about a single metric: name hash, value, and a
// specifier of the value type.
struct Metric {
Metric(uint64_t name_hash, MetricType type);
// First 8 bytes of the MD5 hash of the metric name, as defined in
// structured.xml. This is calculated by
// tools/metrics/structured/
uint64_t name_hash;
MetricType type;
// TODO( Replace this with a base::Value.
// All possible value types a metric can take. Exactly one of these should
// be set. If |string_value| is set (with |type| as MetricType::STRING),
// only the HMAC digest will be reported, so it is safe to put any value
// here.
std::string string_value;
int int_value;
// Finalizes the event and sends it for recording. After this call, the event
// is left in an invalid state and should not be used further.
void Record();
std::vector<Metric> metrics() const { return metrics_; }
uint64_t name_hash() const { return event_name_hash_; }
uint64_t project_name_hash() const { return project_name_hash_; }
explicit EventBase(uint64_t event_name_hash, uint64_t project_name_hash);
void AddStringMetric(uint64_t name_hash, const std::string& value);
void AddIntMetric(uint64_t name_hash, int value);
// First 8 bytes of the MD5 hash of the event name, as defined in
// structured.xml. This is calculated by tools/metrics/structured/
uint64_t event_name_hash_;
// The project name hash is used to to determine which key to use for hashing
// events. The project name comes from this event's definition in
// structured.xml, and is decided by the rules:
// - if this event references a project, eg. <event name="..."
// project="...">, use that project's name.
// - otherwise, use the event's name.
// |project_name_hash_| is the first 8 bytes of the MD5 hash of the project
// name.
uint64_t project_name_hash_;
std::vector<Metric> metrics_;
} // namespace structured
} // namespace metrics