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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <WebKit/WebKit.h>
#include <memory>
#import "ios/web/web_state/user_interaction_event.h"
namespace web {
// Records user's interaction state with web content.
class UserInteractionState {
// Returns |user_interaction_registered_since_page_loaded_|.
bool UserInteractionRegisteredSincePageLoaded() const;
// Sets |user_interaction_registered_since_page_loaded_|. If true, also sets
// |user_interaction_registered_since_last_url_change_| and
// |user_interaction_registered_since_web_view_created_| to true;
void SetUserInteractionRegisteredSincePageLoaded(
bool user_interaction_registered_since_page_loaded);
// Returns |user_interaction_registered_since_last_url_change_|.
bool UserInteractionRegisteredSinceLastUrlChange() const;
// Sets |user_interaction_registered_since_last_url_change_|. If true, also
// sets |user_interaction_registered_since_web_view_created_| to true.
void SetUserInteractionRegisteredSinceLastUrlChange(
bool interaction_registered_since_last_url_change);
// Returns |user_interaction_registered_since_web_view_created_|.
bool UserInteractionRegisteredSinceWebViewCreated() const;
// Sets |tap_in_progress_|.
void SetTapInProgress(bool tap_in_progress);
// Resets |last_transfer_time_in_seconds_| to current time.
void ResetLastTransferTime();
// Returns the raw pointer managed by |last_user_interaction_|.
web::UserInteractionEvent* LastUserInteraction() const;
// Sets |last_user_interaction_|.
void SetLastUserInteraction(
std::unique_ptr<web::UserInteractionEvent> last_user_interaction);
// Returns true if the user interacted with the page recently.
bool HasUserTappedRecently(WKWebView* web_view) const;
// Returns whether the user is interacting with the page.
bool IsUserInteracting(WKWebView* web_view) const;
// Whether a user interaction has been registered since the page has loaded.
bool user_interaction_registered_since_page_loaded_;
// Whether a user interaction has been registered since the last URL change.
bool user_interaction_registered_since_last_url_change_;
// Whether a user interaction has been registered since the web view is
// created.
bool user_interaction_registered_since_web_view_created_;
// Whether a tap is in progress.
bool tap_in_progress_;
// The time of the last page transfer start, measured in seconds since Jan 1
// 2001.
CFAbsoluteTime last_transfer_time_in_seconds_;
// Data on the recorded last user interaction.
std::unique_ptr<web::UserInteractionEvent> last_user_interaction_;
} // namespace web