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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include "ios/web/common/user_agent.h"
@protocol CRWWebViewNavigationProxy;
@class WKBackForwardListItem;
namespace web {
enum class NavigationInitiationType;
class NavigationItem;
class NavigationItemImpl;
class WebState;
// Delegate for NavigationManager to hand off parts of the navigation flow.
class NavigationManagerDelegate {
virtual ~NavigationManagerDelegate() {}
// Instructs the delegate to clear any presented dialogs to prepare for a new
// navigation.
virtual void ClearDialogs() = 0;
// Instructs the delegate to record page states (e.g. scroll position, form
// values, whatever can be harvested) from the current page into the
// navigation item.
virtual void RecordPageStateInNavigationItem() = 0;
// Instructs the delegate to load the current navigation item.
virtual void LoadCurrentItem(NavigationInitiationType type) = 0;
// Instructs the delegate to load the current navigation item if the current
// page has not loaded yet. The navigation should be browser-initiated.
virtual void LoadIfNecessary() = 0;
// Instructs the delegate to reload.
virtual void Reload() = 0;
// Informs the delegate that a navigation item has been committed.
virtual void OnNavigationItemCommitted(NavigationItem* item) = 0;
// Returns the WebState associated with this delegate.
virtual WebState* GetWebState() = 0;
// Sets the UserAgent that should be used by the WebState.
virtual void SetWebStateUserAgent(UserAgentType user_agent_type) = 0;
// Returns a CRWWebViewNavigationProxy protocol that can be used to access
// navigation related functions on the main WKWebView.
virtual id<CRWWebViewNavigationProxy> GetWebViewNavigationProxy() const = 0;
// Instructs WKWebView to navigate to the given navigation item. |wk_item| and
// |item| must point to the same navigation item. Calling this method may
// result in an iframe navigation.
virtual void GoToBackForwardListItem(WKBackForwardListItem* wk_item,
NavigationItem* item,
NavigationInitiationType type,
bool has_user_gesture) = 0;
// Instructs the delegate to remove the underlying web view. The only use case
// currently is to clear back-forward history in web view before restoring
// session history.
virtual void RemoveWebView() = 0;
// Used to access pending item stored in NavigationContext.
virtual NavigationItemImpl* GetPendingItem() = 0;
} // namespace web