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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#import "ios/testing/earl_grey/base_eg_test_helper_impl.h"
@protocol GREYMatcher;
// Public macro to invoke helper methods in test methods (Test Process). Usage
// example:
// @interface PageLoadTestCase : XCTestCase
// @end
// @implementation PageLoadTestCase
// - (void)testPageload {
// [BookmarkEarlGreyUIImpl loadURL:GURL("")];
// }
// In this example BookmarkEarlGreyUIImpl must implement -loadURL:.
#define BookmarkEarlGreyUI \
[BookmarkEarlGreyUIImpl invokedFromFile:@"" __FILE__ lineNumber:__LINE__]
namespace chrome_test_util {
// Matcher for bookmarks tool tip star. (used in iPad)
id<GREYMatcher> StarButton();
// Matcher for the Edit button in the Bookmark context menu.
id<GREYMatcher> BookmarksContextMenuEditButton();
// Matcher for the Delete button on the bookmarks UI.
id<GREYMatcher> BookmarksDeleteSwipeButton();
// Matcher for the DONE button on the bookmarks UI.
id<GREYMatcher> BookmarkHomeDoneButton();
// Matcher for the DONE button on the bookmarks edit UI.
id<GREYMatcher> BookmarksSaveEditDoneButton();
// Matcher for the DONE button on the bookmarks edit folder UI.
id<GREYMatcher> BookmarksSaveEditFolderButton();
// Matcher for context bar leading button.
id<GREYMatcher> ContextBarLeadingButtonWithLabel(NSString* label);
// Matcher for context bar center button.
id<GREYMatcher> ContextBarCenterButtonWithLabel(NSString* label);
// Matcher for context bar trailing button.
id<GREYMatcher> ContextBarTrailingButtonWithLabel(NSString* label);
// Matcher for tappable bookmark node.
id<GREYMatcher> TappableBookmarkNodeWithLabel(NSString* label);
// Matcher for the search button.
id<GREYMatcher> SearchIconButton();
} // namespace chrome_test_util
// Test methods that perform actions on Bookmarks. These methods only affect
// Chrome using the UI with Earl Grey. Used for logging the failure. Compiled in
// Test Process for EG2 and EG1.
@interface BookmarkEarlGreyUIImpl : BaseEGTestHelperImpl
// Navigates to the bookmark manager UI.
- (void)openBookmarks;
// Selects MobileBookmarks to open.
- (void)openMobileBookmarks;
// Adds a bookmark for the current tab. Must be called when on a tab.
- (void)starCurrentTab;
// Creates a new folder starting from the folder picker.
// Passing a |name| of 0 length will use the default value.
- (void)addFolderWithName:(NSString*)name;
// Waits for the disparition of the given |title| in the UI.
- (void)waitForDeletionOfBookmarkWithTitle:(NSString*)title;
// Wait for Undo toast to go away.
- (void)waitForUndoToastToGoAway;
// Rename folder title to |folderTitle|. Must be in edit folder UI.
- (void)renameBookmarkFolderWithFolderTitle:(NSString*)folderTitle;
// Close edit mode.
- (void)closeContextBarEditMode;
// Select urls from Mobile Bookmarks and tap on a specified context bar button.
// Must be called after previously calling [BookmarkEarlGreyUI openBookmarks].
- (void)selectUrlsAndTapOnContextBarButtonWithLabelId:(int)buttonLabelId;
- (void)verifyContextMenuForSingleURLWithEditEnabled:(BOOL)editEnabled;
- (void)verifyContextMenuForSingleFolderWithEditEnabled:(BOOL)editEnabled;
- (void)dismissContextMenu;
- (void)verifyActionSheetsForSingleURLWithEditEnabled:(BOOL)editEnabled;
- (void)verifyActionSheetsForSingleFolderWithEditEnabled:(BOOL)editEnabled;
- (void)dismissActionSheets;
- (void)verifyContextBarInDefaultStateWithSelectEnabled:(BOOL)selectEnabled
- (void)verifyContextBarInEditMode;
- (void)verifyFolderFlowIsClosed;
- (void)verifyEmptyBackgroundAppears;
- (void)verifyEmptyState;
- (void)verifyBookmarkFolderIsSeen:(NSString*)bookmarkFolder;
// Scroll the bookmarks to bottom.
- (void)scrollToBottom;
// Verify a folder with given name is created and it is not being edited.
- (void)verifyFolderCreatedWithTitle:(NSString*)folderTitle;
- (void)tapOnContextMenuButton:(int)menuButtonId
- (void)tapOnLongPressContextMenuButton:(id<GREYMatcher>)actionMatcher
- (void)tapOnContextMenuButton:(int)menuButtonId
// Context bar strings.
- (NSString*)contextBarNewFolderString;
- (NSString*)contextBarDeleteString;
- (NSString*)contextBarCancelString;
- (NSString*)contextBarSelectString;
- (NSString*)contextBarMoreString;
// Create a new folder with given title.
- (void)createNewBookmarkFolderWithFolderTitle:(NSString*)folderTitle
// Bookmarks the current tab using |title| as Bookmark title. Make sure the
// Bookmark loaded is loaded before by calling [BookmarkEarlGrey
// waitForBookmarkModelLoaded:YES];
- (void)bookmarkCurrentTabWithTitle:(NSString*)title;