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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <CoreGraphics/CoreGraphics.h>
#include <cmath>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#import "ios/chrome/browser/ui/broadcaster/chrome_broadcast_observer_bridge.h"
#import "ios/chrome/browser/ui/fullscreen/fullscreen_features.h"
#import "ios/chrome/browser/ui/fullscreen/scoped_fullscreen_disabler.h"
class FullscreenModelObserver;
// Model object used to calculate fullscreen state.
class FullscreenModel : public ChromeBroadcastObserverInterface {
~FullscreenModel() override;
// Adds and removes FullscreenModelObservers.
void AddObserver(FullscreenModelObserver* observer) {
void RemoveObserver(FullscreenModelObserver* observer) {
// The progress value calculated by the model.
CGFloat progress() const { return progress_; }
// Whether fullscreen is disabled. When disabled, the toolbar is completely
// visible.
bool enabled() const { return disabled_counter_ == 0U; }
// Whether the base offset has been recorded after state has been invalidated
// by navigations or toolbar height changes.
bool has_base_offset() const { return !std::isnan(base_offset_); }
// The base offset against which the fullscreen progress is being calculated.
CGFloat base_offset() const { return base_offset_; }
// Returns the difference between the max and min toolbar heights.
CGFloat toolbar_height_delta() const {
return GetExpandedToolbarHeight() - GetCollapsedToolbarHeight();
// Returns whether the page content is tall enough for the toolbar to be
// scrolled to an entirely collapsed position.
bool can_collapse_toolbar() const {
return content_height_ > scroll_view_height_ + toolbar_height_delta();
// Whether the view is scrolled all the way to the top.
bool is_scrolled_to_top() const {
return y_content_offset_ <= -GetExpandedToolbarHeight();
// Whether the view is scrolled all the way to the bottom.
bool is_scrolled_to_bottom() const {
return y_content_offset_ + scroll_view_height_ >= content_height_;
// The min, max, and current insets caused by the toolbars.
UIEdgeInsets min_toolbar_insets() const {
return GetToolbarInsetsAtProgress(0.0);
UIEdgeInsets max_toolbar_insets() const {
return GetToolbarInsetsAtProgress(1.0);
UIEdgeInsets current_toolbar_insets() const {
return GetToolbarInsetsAtProgress(progress_);
// Returns the toolbar insets at |progress|.
UIEdgeInsets GetToolbarInsetsAtProgress(CGFloat progress) const {
return UIEdgeInsetsMake(
GetCollapsedToolbarHeight() + progress * (GetExpandedToolbarHeight() -
0, progress * bottom_toolbar_height_, 0);
// Increments and decrements |disabled_counter_| for features that require the
// toolbar be completely visible.
void IncrementDisabledCounter();
void DecrementDisabledCounter();
// Recalculates the fullscreen progress for a new navigation.
void ResetForNavigation();
// Instructs the model to ignore broadcasted scroll updates for the remainder
// of the current scroll. Has no effect if not called while a scroll is
// occurring. The model will resume listening for scroll events when
// |scrolling_| is reset to false.
void IgnoreRemainderOfCurrentScroll();
// Called when a scroll end animation finishes. |progress| is the fullscreen
// progress corresponding to the final state of the aniamtion.
void AnimationEndedWithProgress(CGFloat progress);
// Setter for the minimum toolbar height to use in calculations. Setting this
// resets the model to a fully visible state.
void SetCollapsedToolbarHeight(CGFloat height);
CGFloat GetCollapsedToolbarHeight() const;
// Setter for the maximum toolbar height to use in calculations. Setting this
// resets the model to a fully visible state.
void SetExpandedToolbarHeight(CGFloat height);
CGFloat GetExpandedToolbarHeight() const;
// Setter for the bottom toolbar height to use in calculations. Setting this
// resets the model to a fully visible state
void SetBottomToolbarHeight(CGFloat height);
CGFloat GetBottomToolbarHeight() const;
// Setter for the height of the scroll view displaying the main content.
void SetScrollViewHeight(CGFloat scroll_view_height);
CGFloat GetScrollViewHeight() const;
// Setter for the current height of the rendered page.
void SetContentHeight(CGFloat content_height);
CGFloat GetContentHeight() const;
// Setter for the top content inset of the scroll view displaying the main
// content.
void SetTopContentInset(CGFloat top_inset);
CGFloat GetTopContentInset() const;
// Setter for the current vertical content offset. Setting this will
// recalculate the progress value.
void SetYContentOffset(CGFloat y_content_offset);
CGFloat GetYContentOffset() const;
// Setter for whether the scroll view is scrolling. If a scroll event ends
// and the progress value is not 0.0 or 1.0, the model will round to the
// nearest value.
void SetScrollViewIsScrolling(bool scrolling);
bool IsScrollViewScrolling() const;
// Setter for whether the scroll view is zooming.
void SetScrollViewIsZooming(bool zooming);
bool IsScrollViewZooming() const;
// Setter for whether the scroll view is being dragged.
void SetScrollViewIsDragging(bool dragging);
bool IsScrollViewDragging() const;
// Setter for whether the scroll view is resized for fullscreen events.
void SetResizesScrollView(bool resizes_scroll_view);
bool ResizesScrollView() const;
// Setter for the safe area insets for the current WebState's view.
void SetWebViewSafeAreaInsets(UIEdgeInsets safe_area_insets);
UIEdgeInsets GetWebViewSafeAreaInsets() const;
void SetFreezeToolbarHeight(bool freeze_toolbar_height);
bool GetFreezeToolbarHeight() const;
// Returns how a scroll to the current |y_content_offset_| from |from_offset|
// should be handled.
enum class ScrollAction : short {
kIgnore, // Ignore the scroll.
kUpdateBaseOffset, // Update |base_offset_| only.
kUpdateProgress, // Update |progress_| only.
kUpdateBaseOffsetAndProgress, // Update |bse_offset_| and |progress_|.
ScrollAction ActionForScrollFromOffset(CGFloat from_offset) const;
// Updates the base offset given the current y content offset, progress, and
// toolbar height.
void UpdateBaseOffset();
// Updates the progress value given the current y content offset, base offset,
// and toolbar height.
void UpdateProgress();
// Updates the disabled counter depending on the current values of
// |scroll_view_height_| and |content_height_|.
void UpdateDisabledCounterForContentHeight();
// Setter for |progress_|. Notifies observers of the new value if
// |notify_observers| is true.
void SetProgress(CGFloat progress);
// ChromeBroadcastObserverInterface:
void OnScrollViewSizeBroadcasted(CGSize scroll_view_size) override;
void OnScrollViewContentSizeBroadcasted(CGSize content_size) override;
void OnScrollViewContentInsetBroadcasted(UIEdgeInsets content_inset) override;
void OnContentScrollOffsetBroadcasted(CGFloat offset) override;
void OnScrollViewIsScrollingBroadcasted(bool scrolling) override;
void OnScrollViewIsZoomingBroadcasted(bool zooming) override;
void OnScrollViewIsDraggingBroadcasted(bool dragging) override;
void OnCollapsedToolbarHeightBroadcasted(CGFloat height) override;
void OnExpandedToolbarHeightBroadcasted(CGFloat height) override;
void OnBottomToolbarHeightBroadcasted(CGFloat height) override;
// The observers for this model.
base::ObserverList<FullscreenModelObserver>::Unchecked observers_;
// The percentage of the toolbar that should be visible, where 1.0 denotes a
// fully visible toolbar and 0.0 denotes a completely hidden one.
CGFloat progress_ = 0.0;
// The base offset from which to calculate fullscreen state. When |locked_|
// is false, it is reset to the current offset after each scroll event.
CGFloat base_offset_ = NAN;
// The height of the toolbars being shown or hidden by this model.
CGFloat collapsed_toolbar_height_ = 0.0;
CGFloat expanded_toolbar_height_ = 0.0;
CGFloat bottom_toolbar_height_ = 0.0;
// The current vertical content offset of the main content.
CGFloat y_content_offset_ = 0.0;
// The height of the scroll view displaying the current page.
CGFloat scroll_view_height_ = 0.0;
// The height of the current page's rendered content.
CGFloat content_height_ = 0.0;
// The top inset of the scroll view displaying the current page.
CGFloat top_inset_ = 0.0;
// How many currently-running features require the toolbar be visible.
size_t disabled_counter_ = 0;
// Whether fullscreen is disabled for short content.
bool disabled_for_short_content_ = false;
// Whether the main content is being scrolled.
bool scrolling_ = false;
// Whether the scroll view is zooming.
bool zooming_ = false;
// Whether the main content is being dragged.
bool dragging_ = false;
// Whether the in-progress scroll is being ignored.
bool ignoring_current_scroll_ = false;
// Whether the scroll view is resized for fullscreen events.
bool resizes_scroll_view_ = false;
// The WebState view's safe area insets.
UIEdgeInsets safe_area_insets_ = UIEdgeInsetsZero;
// The number of FullscreenModelObserver callbacks currently being executed.
size_t observer_callback_count_ = 0;
bool freeze_toolbar_height_ = false;