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  1. ab161db Replace UMA_HISTOGRAM_COUNTS with UMA_HISTOGRAM_COUNTS_1M. by Steven Holte · 7 days ago master
  2. 20bdf46 Replace unique_ptr.reset(other_unique_ptr.release()) with std::move() by kokihoon · 2 months ago
  3. 3b620e7 Android test exclusions: don't exclude midi_unittests by Hans Wennborg · 4 months ago
  4. 07532f4 [MessageLoop] Fix message_loop.h includes by Gabriel Charette · 5 months ago
  5. 28774bc Fix gn_all build with libstdc++ 3.4.25 by Tom Anderson · 6 months ago
  6. 9f09f55 Disallow raw pointers to RefCounted-like types on base::Bind by tzik · 7 months ago
  7. 925e2c6 Convert double-as-a-time to base::TimeTicks around timestamps in WebMIDI by tzik · 8 months ago
  8. ef10a6e Free jobjects inside loop by Ran Ji · 8 months ago
  9. 3f0ea8f MidiManagerWinrt: Use midi::TaskService instead of MidiScheduler by Takashi Toyoshima · 8 months ago
  10. fa47231 Remove redundant FP checks from PermissionService by Raymes Khoury · 8 months ago
  11. 34e191a Replace base::MakeUnique with std::make_unique in media/ by Gyuyoung Kim · 8 months ago
  12. 408b79f MidiManager: cleanup unnecessary code that was for legacy mode by Takashi Toyoshima · 9 months ago
  13. 2b92f3b Allow to wait a condition variable in midi::TaskService by Takashi Toyoshima · 9 months ago
  14. bc959ee Web MIDI: remove dynamic instantiation field study code by Takashi Toyoshima · 9 months ago
  15. 033aa60 MidiManager: remove unnecessary midi_scheduler.h includes by Takashi Toyoshima · 9 months ago
  16. 81027ee MidiManager: remove dynamic instantiation study by Takashi Toyoshima · 9 months ago
  17. 5539a0d midi: Add simple fuzzer for by Prashant Malani · 10 months ago
  18. c6cbcf6 Run clang-tidy modernize-use-equals-{delete,default} on //media by Chris Watkins · 10 months ago
  19. ec05edf MidiManager: registers failed clients to finalize correctly by Takashi Toyoshima · 10 months ago
  20. 188b91c MidiManagerAndroid: containers' clear and empty check were not matched by Takashi Toyoshima · 10 months ago