Revert "Remove WaitSyncTokenCHROMIUM command"

This reverts commit c19106d109d4d36871c11bfb5a683d222583dd15.

Reason for revert: Causing multiple mac gpu fyi failures

Original change's description:
> Remove WaitSyncTokenCHROMIUM command
> After migrating InProcessCommandBuffer to use GPU scheduler, most tasks
> are scheduled after their sync token dependencies are satisifed (see
> The one exception was the WaitSyncToken IPC used by ReturnFrontBuffer
> for pepper, which specifies a sync token, and waits while handling the
> message.
> Change ReturnFrontBuffer to contain the sync token, and use it to
> specify the dependency to the scheduler.
> Remove WaitSyncTokenCHROMIUM command, since sync token dependencies are
> specified as task metadata in all cases.
> Make other cleanups such as removing unnecessary sync token tests, and
> make sure the sync token code paths are not used where unsupported by
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