Revert "Make PepperUdpSocketMessageFilter use NetworkService UDP API."

This reverts commit cc2b634dbe8b987c9946689b6d8c2388cd5466ea.

Reason for revert: Multiple PPAPI tests have begun failing on different OSes after this patch lands. See

Original change's description:
> Make PepperUdpSocketMessageFilter use NetworkService UDP API.
> This CL moves all of the logic over to the UI thread, to keep things
> relatively simple and minimize thread hops, since that's where core
> network service objects live.
> It also fixes a pre-existing bug in the PPAPI UDP code, where read
> errors that occur when there's no pending read are converted into
> 0-byte read successes.
> Bug: 848078
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Bug: 848078
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