Modernising base::JsonReader to return base::expected

This CL adjusts JsonReader::ReadAndReturnValueWithError to
use base::expected, as it provides a more intuitive way to
communicate success/failure.

Bug: 1338575
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Sandbox Library

This directory contains platform-specific sandboxing libraries. Sandboxing is a technique that can improve the security of an application by separating untrustworthy code (or code that handles untrustworthy data) and restricting its privileges and capabilities.

Each platform relies on the operating system's process primitive to isolate code into distinct security principals, and platform-specific technologies are used to implement the privilege reduction. At a high-level:

  • mac/ uses the Seatbelt sandbox. See the detailed design for more.
  • linux/ uses namespaces and Seccomp-BPF. See the detailed design for more.
  • win/ uses a combination of restricted tokens, distinct job objects, alternate desktops, and integrity levels. See the detailed design for more.

Built on top of the low-level sandboxing library is the //sandbox/policy component, which provides concrete policies and helper utilities for sandboxing specific Chromium processes and services. The core sandbox library cannot depend on the policy component.