[omnibox] Cleans up zps related features


remote zps is enabled by default on all platforms (with conditions).
Thus, these two features are no-ops in that context and can be safely
removed. local history zps is enabled by default on Desktop and
Android and disabled by default on iOS. These two features allow for
local history zps to be enabled when rZPS is enabled which in
retrospect is unnecessary given that these two types of zps are
orthogonal. Thus they can be safely removed in that context as well.


These two default-enabled features were used to experiment with
disabling local history zps backfill for signed-in users and remote
zps caching. A series of changes resolved the issues with the local
backfill.We are also no longer pursuing disabling caching for remote
zps due to its negative effect on the metrics. Instead we will be
experimenting with a prefetching mechanism. Thus these two features
can also be safely removed.

Fixed: 1071877
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