[DownloadBubble] Update tests and field trial config

Add field trial config for Download Bubble.

Updated browser tests for Download Bubble. Two of DownloadTests are
specific to shelf, rest have been addressed to target both Download
Bubble and Download Shelf.

For KeyboardLockInteractiveBrowserTest, the download bubble takes
away focus, causing keyboard to be unlocked. When the user returns
focus to the page, the keyboard is locked again. Screencast of the
download bubble behavior (https://screencast.googleplex.com/cast/NjM4NDA1MTU0NDkxNTk2OHwzNTdmMGQ2OC00ZQ).

We plan to remedy the full screen/keyboard lock issue in https://crbug.com/1327775, where we will implement transient notifications, preventing the bubble from taking away focus. Disable the Download Bubble feature for those tests till this is implemented.

Bug: 1275770
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