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import inspect
import typing as t
from functools import WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS
from functools import wraps
from .utils import _PassArg
from .utils import pass_eval_context
V = t.TypeVar("V")
def async_variant(normal_func): # type: ignore
def decorator(async_func): # type: ignore
pass_arg = _PassArg.from_obj(normal_func)
need_eval_context = pass_arg is None
if pass_arg is _PassArg.environment:
def is_async(args: t.Any) -> bool:
return t.cast(bool, args[0].is_async)
def is_async(args: t.Any) -> bool:
return t.cast(bool, args[0].environment.is_async)
# Take the doc and annotations from the sync function, but the
# name from the async function. Pallets-Sphinx-Themes
# build_function_directive expects __wrapped__ to point to the
# sync function.
async_func_attrs = ("__module__", "__name__", "__qualname__")
normal_func_attrs = tuple(set(WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS).difference(async_func_attrs))
@wraps(normal_func, assigned=normal_func_attrs)
@wraps(async_func, assigned=async_func_attrs, updated=())
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): # type: ignore
b = is_async(args)
if need_eval_context:
args = args[1:]
if b:
return async_func(*args, **kwargs)
return normal_func(*args, **kwargs)
if need_eval_context:
wrapper = pass_eval_context(wrapper)
wrapper.jinja_async_variant = True
return wrapper
return decorator
_common_primitives = {int, float, bool, str, list, dict, tuple, type(None)}
async def auto_await(value: t.Union[t.Awaitable["V"], "V"]) -> "V":
# Avoid a costly call to isawaitable
if type(value) in _common_primitives:
return t.cast("V", value)
if inspect.isawaitable(value):
return await t.cast("t.Awaitable[V]", value)
return t.cast("V", value)
async def auto_aiter(
iterable: "t.Union[t.AsyncIterable[V], t.Iterable[V]]",
) -> "t.AsyncIterator[V]":
if hasattr(iterable, "__aiter__"):
async for item in t.cast("t.AsyncIterable[V]", iterable):
yield item
for item in t.cast("t.Iterable[V]", iterable):
yield item
async def auto_to_list(
value: "t.Union[t.AsyncIterable[V], t.Iterable[V]]",
) -> t.List["V"]:
return [x async for x in auto_aiter(value)]