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Python Markdown
A Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.
Started by Manfred Stienstra (
Maintained for a few years by Yuri Takhteyev (
Currently maintained by Waylan Limberg (,
Dmitry Shachnev ( and Isaac Muse (
Copyright 2007-2018 The Python Markdown Project (v. 1.7 and later)
Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006 Yuri Takhteyev (v. 0.2-1.6b)
Copyright 2004 Manfred Stienstra (the original version)
License: BSD (see for details).
from .core import Markdown, markdown, markdownFromFile
from .__meta__ import __version__, __version_info__ # noqa
# For backward compatibility as some extensions expect it...
from .extensions import Extension # noqa
__all__ = ['Markdown', 'markdown', 'markdownFromFile']