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Python Markdown
A Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.
Started by Manfred Stienstra (
Maintained for a few years by Yuri Takhteyev (
Currently maintained by Waylan Limberg (,
Dmitry Shachnev ( and Isaac Muse (
Copyright 2007-2018 The Python Markdown Project (v. 1.7 and later)
Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006 Yuri Takhteyev (v. 0.2-1.6b)
Copyright 2004 Manfred Stienstra (the original version)
License: BSD (see for details).
from ..util import parseBoolValue
class Extension:
""" Base class for extensions to subclass. """
# Default config -- to be overridden by a subclass
# Must be of the following format:
# {
# 'key': ['value', 'description']
# }
# Note that Extension.setConfig will raise a KeyError
# if a default is not set here.
config = {}
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
""" Initiate Extension and set up configs. """
def getConfig(self, key, default=''):
""" Return a setting for the given key or an empty string. """
if key in self.config:
return self.config[key][0]
return default
def getConfigs(self):
""" Return all configs settings as a dict. """
return {key: self.getConfig(key) for key in self.config.keys()}
def getConfigInfo(self):
""" Return all config descriptions as a list of tuples. """
return [(key, self.config[key][1]) for key in self.config.keys()]
def setConfig(self, key, value):
""" Set a config setting for `key` with the given `value`. """
if isinstance(self.config[key][0], bool):
value = parseBoolValue(value)
if self.config[key][0] is None:
value = parseBoolValue(value, preserve_none=True)
self.config[key][0] = value
def setConfigs(self, items):
""" Set multiple config settings given a dict or list of tuples. """
if hasattr(items, 'items'):
# it's a dict
items = items.items()
for key, value in items:
self.setConfig(key, value)
def extendMarkdown(self, md):
Add the various processors and patterns to the Markdown Instance.
This method must be overridden by every extension.
Keyword arguments:
* md: The Markdown instance.
raise NotImplementedError(
'Extension "%s.%s" must define an "extendMarkdown"'
'method.' % (self.__class__.__module__, self.__class__.__name__)