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Admonition extension for Python-Markdown
Adds rST-style admonitions. Inspired by [rST][] feature with the same name.
[rST]: # noqa
See <>
for documentation.
Original code Copyright [Tiago Serafim](
All changes Copyright The Python Markdown Project
License: [BSD](
from . import Extension
from ..blockprocessors import BlockProcessor
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
import re
class AdmonitionExtension(Extension):
""" Admonition extension for Python-Markdown. """
def extendMarkdown(self, md):
""" Add Admonition to Markdown instance. """
md.parser.blockprocessors.register(AdmonitionProcessor(md.parser), 'admonition', 105)
class AdmonitionProcessor(BlockProcessor):
CLASSNAME = 'admonition'
CLASSNAME_TITLE = 'admonition-title'
RE = re.compile(r'(?:^|\n)!!! ?([\w\-]+(?: +[\w\-]+)*)(?: +"(.*?)")? *(?:\n|$)')
RE_SPACES = re.compile(' +')
def __init__(self, parser):
self.current_sibling = None
self.content_indention = 0
def parse_content(self, parent, block):
"""Get sibling admonition.
Retrieve the appropriate sibling element. This can get tricky when
dealing with lists.
old_block = block
the_rest = ''
# We already acquired the block via test
if self.current_sibling is not None:
sibling = self.current_sibling
block, the_rest = self.detab(block, self.content_indent)
self.current_sibling = None
self.content_indent = 0
return sibling, block, the_rest
sibling = self.lastChild(parent)
if sibling is None or sibling.get('class', '').find(self.CLASSNAME) == -1:
sibling = None
# If the last child is a list and the content is sufficiently indented
# to be under it, then the content's sibling is in the list.
last_child = self.lastChild(sibling)
indent = 0
while last_child:
if (
sibling and block.startswith(' ' * self.tab_length * 2) and
last_child and last_child.tag in ('ul', 'ol', 'dl')
# The expectation is that we'll find an <li> or <dt>.
# We should get its last child as well.
sibling = self.lastChild(last_child)
last_child = self.lastChild(sibling) if sibling else None
# Context has been lost at this point, so we must adjust the
# text's indentation level so it will be evaluated correctly
# under the list.
block = block[self.tab_length:]
indent += self.tab_length
last_child = None
if not block.startswith(' ' * self.tab_length):
sibling = None
if sibling is not None:
indent += self.tab_length
block, the_rest = self.detab(old_block, indent)
self.current_sibling = sibling
self.content_indent = indent
return sibling, block, the_rest
def test(self, parent, block):
return True
return self.parse_content(parent, block)[0] is not None
def run(self, parent, blocks):
block = blocks.pop(0)
m =
if m:
if m.start() > 0:
self.parser.parseBlocks(parent, [block[:m.start()]])
block = block[m.end():] # removes the first line
block, theRest = self.detab(block)
sibling, block, theRest = self.parse_content(parent, block)
if m:
klass, title = self.get_class_and_title(m)
div = etree.SubElement(parent, 'div')
div.set('class', '{} {}'.format(self.CLASSNAME, klass))
if title:
p = etree.SubElement(div, 'p')
p.text = title
p.set('class', self.CLASSNAME_TITLE)
# Sibling is a list item, but we need to wrap it's content should be wrapped in <p>
if sibling.tag in ('li', 'dd') and sibling.text:
text = sibling.text
sibling.text = ''
p = etree.SubElement(sibling, 'p')
p.text = text
div = sibling
self.parser.parseChunk(div, block)
if theRest:
# This block contained unindented line(s) after the first indented
# line. Insert these lines as the first block of the master blocks
# list for future processing.
blocks.insert(0, theRest)
def get_class_and_title(self, match):
klass, title =,
klass = self.RE_SPACES.sub(' ', klass)
if title is None:
# no title was provided, use the capitalized classname as title
# e.g.: `!!! note` will render
# `<p class="admonition-title">Note</p>`
title = klass.split(' ', 1)[0].capitalize()
elif title == '':
# an explicit blank title should not be rendered
# e.g.: `!!! warning ""` will *not* render `p` with a title
title = None
return klass, title
def makeExtension(**kwargs): # pragma: no cover
return AdmonitionExtension(**kwargs)