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Definition List Extension for Python-Markdown
Adds parsing of Definition Lists to Python-Markdown.
See <>
for documentation.
Original code Copyright 2008 [Waylan Limberg](
All changes Copyright 2008-2014 The Python Markdown Project
License: [BSD](
from . import Extension
from ..blockprocessors import BlockProcessor, ListIndentProcessor
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
import re
class DefListProcessor(BlockProcessor):
""" Process Definition Lists. """
RE = re.compile(r'(^|\n)[ ]{0,3}:[ ]{1,3}(.*?)(\n|$)')
NO_INDENT_RE = re.compile(r'^[ ]{0,3}[^ :]')
def test(self, parent, block):
return bool(
def run(self, parent, blocks):
raw_block = blocks.pop(0)
m =
terms = [term.strip() for term in
raw_block[:m.start()].split('\n') if term.strip()]
block = raw_block[m.end():]
no_indent = self.NO_INDENT_RE.match(block)
if no_indent:
d, theRest = (block, None)
d, theRest = self.detab(block)
if d:
d = '{}\n{}'.format(, d)
d =
sibling = self.lastChild(parent)
if not terms and sibling is None:
# This is not a definition item. Most likely a paragraph that
# starts with a colon at the beginning of a document or list.
blocks.insert(0, raw_block)
return False
if not terms and sibling.tag == 'p':
# The previous paragraph contains the terms
state = 'looselist'
terms = sibling.text.split('\n')
# Acquire new sibling
sibling = self.lastChild(parent)
state = 'list'
if sibling is not None and sibling.tag == 'dl':
# This is another item on an existing list
dl = sibling
if not terms and len(dl) and dl[-1].tag == 'dd' and len(dl[-1]):
state = 'looselist'
# This is a new list
dl = etree.SubElement(parent, 'dl')
# Add terms
for term in terms:
dt = etree.SubElement(dl, 'dt')
dt.text = term
# Add definition
dd = etree.SubElement(dl, 'dd')
self.parser.parseBlocks(dd, [d])
if theRest:
blocks.insert(0, theRest)
class DefListIndentProcessor(ListIndentProcessor):
""" Process indented children of definition list items. """
# Definition lists need to be aware of all list types
ITEM_TYPES = ['dd', 'li']
LIST_TYPES = ['dl', 'ol', 'ul']
def create_item(self, parent, block):
""" Create a new dd or li (depending on parent) and parse the block with it as the parent. """
dd = etree.SubElement(parent, 'dd')
self.parser.parseBlocks(dd, [block])
class DefListExtension(Extension):
""" Add definition lists to Markdown. """
def extendMarkdown(self, md):
""" Add an instance of DefListProcessor to BlockParser. """
md.parser.blockprocessors.register(DefListIndentProcessor(md.parser), 'defindent', 85)
md.parser.blockprocessors.register(DefListProcessor(md.parser), 'deflist', 25)
def makeExtension(**kwargs): # pragma: no cover
return DefListExtension(**kwargs)