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// This file is generated from a similarly-named Perl script in the BoringSSL
// source tree. Do not edit by hand.
#if !defined(__has_feature)
#define __has_feature(x) 0
#if __has_feature(memory_sanitizer) && !defined(OPENSSL_NO_ASM)
#if !defined(OPENSSL_NO_ASM)
#if defined(__arm__)
#include <boringssl_prefix_symbols_asm.h>
.syntax unified
.arch armv7-a
.fpu vfp
@ abi_test_trampoline loads callee-saved registers from |state|, calls |func|
@ with |argv|, then saves the callee-saved registers into |state|. It returns
@ the result of |func|. The |unwind| argument is unused.
@ uint32_t abi_test_trampoline(void (*func)(...), CallerState *state,
@ const uint32_t *argv, size_t argc,
@ int unwind);
.type abi_test_trampoline, %function
.globl abi_test_trampoline
.hidden abi_test_trampoline
.align 4
@ Save parameters and all callee-saved registers. For convenience, we
@ save r9 on iOS even though it's volatile.
vstmdb sp!, {d8,d9,d10,d11,d12,d13,d14,d15}
stmdb sp!, {r0,r1,r2,r3,r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11,lr}
@ Reserve stack space for six (10-4) stack parameters, plus an extra 4
@ bytes to keep it 8-byte-aligned (see AAPCS, section 5.3).
sub sp, sp, #28
@ Every register in AAPCS is either non-volatile or a parameter (except
@ r9 on iOS), so this code, by the actual call, loses all its scratch
@ registers. First fill in stack parameters while there are registers
@ to spare.
cmp r3, #4
bls .Lstack_args_done
mov r4, sp @ r4 is the output pointer.
add r5, r2, r3, lsl #2 @ Set r5 to the end of argv.
add r2, r2, #16 @ Skip four arguments.
ldr r6, [r2], #4
cmp r2, r5
str r6, [r4], #4
bne .Lstack_args_loop
@ Load registers from |r1|.
vldmia r1!, {d8,d9,d10,d11,d12,d13,d14,d15}
#if defined(__APPLE__)
@ r9 is not volatile on iOS.
ldmia r1!, {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r10-r11}
ldmia r1!, {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11}
@ Load register parameters. This uses up our remaining registers, so we
@ repurpose lr as scratch space.
ldr r3, [sp, #40] @ Reload argc.
ldr lr, [sp, #36] @ .Load argv into lr.
cmp r3, #3
bhi .Larg_r3
beq .Larg_r2
cmp r3, #1
bhi .Larg_r1
beq .Larg_r0
b .Largs_done
ldr r3, [lr, #12] @ argv[3]
ldr r2, [lr, #8] @ argv[2]
ldr r1, [lr, #4] @ argv[1]
ldr r0, [lr] @ argv[0]
@ With every other register in use, load the function pointer into lr
@ and call the function.
ldr lr, [sp, #28]
blx lr
@ r1-r3 are free for use again. The trampoline only supports
@ single-return functions. Pass r4-r11 to the caller.
ldr r1, [sp, #32]
vstmia r1!, {d8,d9,d10,d11,d12,d13,d14,d15}
#if defined(__APPLE__)
@ r9 is not volatile on iOS.
stmia r1!, {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r10-r11}
stmia r1!, {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11}
@ Unwind the stack and restore registers.
add sp, sp, #44 @ 44 = 28+16
ldmia sp!, {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11,lr} @ Skip r0-r3 (see +16 above).
vldmia sp!, {d8,d9,d10,d11,d12,d13,d14,d15}
bx lr
.size abi_test_trampoline,.-abi_test_trampoline
.type abi_test_clobber_r0, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r0
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r0
.align 4
mov r0, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r0,.-abi_test_clobber_r0
.type abi_test_clobber_r1, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r1
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r1
.align 4
mov r1, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r1,.-abi_test_clobber_r1
.type abi_test_clobber_r2, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r2
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r2
.align 4
mov r2, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r2,.-abi_test_clobber_r2
.type abi_test_clobber_r3, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r3
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r3
.align 4
mov r3, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r3,.-abi_test_clobber_r3
.type abi_test_clobber_r4, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r4
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r4
.align 4
mov r4, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r4,.-abi_test_clobber_r4
.type abi_test_clobber_r5, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r5
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r5
.align 4
mov r5, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r5,.-abi_test_clobber_r5
.type abi_test_clobber_r6, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r6
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r6
.align 4
mov r6, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r6,.-abi_test_clobber_r6
.type abi_test_clobber_r7, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r7
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r7
.align 4
mov r7, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r7,.-abi_test_clobber_r7
.type abi_test_clobber_r8, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r8
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r8
.align 4
mov r8, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r8,.-abi_test_clobber_r8
.type abi_test_clobber_r9, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r9
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r9
.align 4
mov r9, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r9,.-abi_test_clobber_r9
.type abi_test_clobber_r10, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r10
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r10
.align 4
mov r10, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r10,.-abi_test_clobber_r10
.type abi_test_clobber_r11, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r11
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r11
.align 4
mov r11, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r11,.-abi_test_clobber_r11
.type abi_test_clobber_r12, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_r12
.hidden abi_test_clobber_r12
.align 4
mov r12, #0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_r12,.-abi_test_clobber_r12
.type abi_test_clobber_d0, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d0
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d0
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s0, r0
vmov s1, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d0,.-abi_test_clobber_d0
.type abi_test_clobber_d1, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d1
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d1
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s2, r0
vmov s3, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d1,.-abi_test_clobber_d1
.type abi_test_clobber_d2, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d2
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d2
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s4, r0
vmov s5, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d2,.-abi_test_clobber_d2
.type abi_test_clobber_d3, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d3
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d3
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s6, r0
vmov s7, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d3,.-abi_test_clobber_d3
.type abi_test_clobber_d4, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d4
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d4
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s8, r0
vmov s9, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d4,.-abi_test_clobber_d4
.type abi_test_clobber_d5, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d5
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d5
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s10, r0
vmov s11, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d5,.-abi_test_clobber_d5
.type abi_test_clobber_d6, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d6
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d6
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s12, r0
vmov s13, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d6,.-abi_test_clobber_d6
.type abi_test_clobber_d7, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d7
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d7
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s14, r0
vmov s15, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d7,.-abi_test_clobber_d7
.type abi_test_clobber_d8, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d8
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d8
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s16, r0
vmov s17, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d8,.-abi_test_clobber_d8
.type abi_test_clobber_d9, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d9
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d9
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s18, r0
vmov s19, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d9,.-abi_test_clobber_d9
.type abi_test_clobber_d10, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d10
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d10
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s20, r0
vmov s21, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d10,.-abi_test_clobber_d10
.type abi_test_clobber_d11, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d11
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d11
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s22, r0
vmov s23, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d11,.-abi_test_clobber_d11
.type abi_test_clobber_d12, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d12
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d12
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s24, r0
vmov s25, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d12,.-abi_test_clobber_d12
.type abi_test_clobber_d13, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d13
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d13
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s26, r0
vmov s27, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d13,.-abi_test_clobber_d13
.type abi_test_clobber_d14, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d14
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d14
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s28, r0
vmov s29, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d14,.-abi_test_clobber_d14
.type abi_test_clobber_d15, %function
.globl abi_test_clobber_d15
.hidden abi_test_clobber_d15
.align 4
mov r0, #0
vmov s30, r0
vmov s31, r0
bx lr
.size abi_test_clobber_d15,.-abi_test_clobber_d15
#endif // !OPENSSL_NO_ASM
.section .note.GNU-stack,"",%progbits