[Sheriff] Revert "New object attributes to disambiguate description sources"

This reverts commit 80e972425d5b8c543aa934d8afce64e4d8e5aeda.

Reason for revert: Suspected to cause a11y tree failures, https://ci.chromium.org/ui/p/chromium/builders/ci/Win7%20Tests%20(1)/116006/overview

Original change's description:
> New object attributes to disambiguate description sources
> NVDA screen reader team has asked for some changes to how descriptions
> are exposed in IAccessible2 so that they don't have to automatically
> announce tooltips, while still announcing other annotations.
> New object attributes:
> * "description" now reflects aria-description, but not other description
>   sources. This matches what Firefox does now.
> * "description-from" has one one the following values:
>   - "aria-description"
>   - "aria-describedby"
>   - "ruby-annotation"
>   - "summary"
>   - "table-caption"
>   - "tooltip" (either via @title or aria-describedby + role="tooltip")
>   - "button-label" (when the name was from something else)
> The above may require future tweaks but has been agreed to in principle
> with NVDA and Mozilla.
> Bug: 1194991
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Bug: 1194991
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