Add move CopyOrMoveProgressTypes

Move operations are often implemented as "copy + delete". Since the
operation can potentially fail during the copy or the delete part,
distinct events have to be sent for both "end of copy" and "end of
source deletion". kEndRemoveSource has been added for the source
deletion part.

kEndMove added for local moves, where the files are just renamed.

The file manager is the only user using a switch statement on all these
events. Other users use each of these events individually.
On the file manager side:
- Update CopyProgressStatusType to CopyOrMoveProgressStatusType and
include the new "end of source deletion" type.
- For name consistency, rename CopyProgressStatus to

In, it was decided to
not send a |destination_url| until the destination entry has been fully
created. A |destination_url| can be some useful information to have
when receiving kBegin and kProgress events (UI update). kBegin and
kProgress events have been updated to be fired with a |destination_url|.

Bug: 1183701, 784193
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