Reland "[Fuchsia] Generate more complete GN target names for FIDL packages."

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> [Fuchsia] Generate more complete GN target names for FIDL packages.
> FIDL package names consist of multiple dot-delimited segments, to allow
> scoping of packages to avoid clashes. Our GN generator script was using
> only the final segment of each package's name, resulting in clashes,
> e.g. between fuchsia.auth and fuchsia.modular.auth, if both were
> present in the SDK.
> We continue to generate targets under the //third_party/fuchsia-sdk/sdk
> namespace, but use the full name rather than only the final segment,
> e.g. custom.modular.auth would become custom_modular_auth.
> We also special-case the top-level "fuchsia" namespace to be ignored,
> e.g. fuchsia.modular_auth becomes just modular_auth.
> Bug: 910670
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Bug: 910670
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