Roll src/third_party/googletest/src/ 5ec7f0c4a..efecb0bfa (43 commits)

$ git log 5ec7f0c4a..efecb0bfa --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-02-25 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-25 rsinnet Fix grammatical error in
2019-02-21 yaneurabeya Don't hardcode the filename in `CxxExceptionDeathTest.PrintsMessageForStdException`
2019-02-20 misterg Googletest export
2019-02-19 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-20 dds Avoid array index out of range
2019-02-18 yaneurabeya Ignore `-Wsign-conversion` issues
2019-02-13 yaneurabeya Fix clang `-Wunused-parameter` warnings
2019-02-13 yaneurabeya Fix clang `-Winconsistent-missing-override` warnings
2019-02-13 yaneurabeya Fix clang `-Winconsistent-missing-override` warnings
2019-02-13 yaneurabeya Add `cxx_strict_flags` for clang to match FreeBSD's WARNS flags
2019-02-12 yaneurabeya Import `patch-bsd-defines` from FreeBSD ports [1]
2019-02-12 yaneurabeya Compile clang with `-Wall -Wshadow -Werror`
2019-02-12 yaneurabeya Fix -Wunused-private-field issues with clang
2019-02-12 misterg Googletest export
2019-02-07 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-05 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-04 absl-team Googletest export
2018-02-10 knut.omang Set gtest version correctly for older cmake versions
2018-02-25 knut.omang Generate a to help libtool managing dependencies
2016-12-23 jwakely Stop TestInfo::Run() calling a function through null pointer
2019-02-05 chrisjohnsonmail fix:  Correct * file paths
2019-02-05 keiichiw Fix an invalid example of JSON report in
2019-02-04 gennadiycivil Update .travis.yml
2019-02-04 gennadiycivil Update .travis.yml
2019-01-12 yaneurabeya Test out changes with clang/OSX each PR using Travis CI
2019-02-04 misterg Googletest export
2019-02-04 misterg Googletest export
2019-02-01 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-04 maetugr cmake: detect Cygwin which needs extensions to build
2019-02-04 maetugr cmake: move global project definition to beginning
2019-01-31 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-01 chrisjohnsonmail chore: Add PlatformIO supported platforms list
2019-01-31 chrisjohnsonmail fix: Add Arduino to embedded platform list
2019-01-31 chrisjohnsonmail fix: Add * files to ignore list
2019-01-31 g4691821 Fix broken link
2019-01-30 gennadiycivil Repeat #2090
2019-01-30 Kelly_G_Walker Update casing in example
2019-01-29 gennadiycivil Added -Wgnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments" clang
2019-01-28 hugo.lindstrom Avoid dynamic/static runtime linking (LNK4098) by properly replacing MD(d)->MT(d) in both C and CXX flags, resolves 2074
2019-01-22 samolisov Enable CI on Windows (appveyor) with Bazel
2019-01-18 mathbunnyru Fix INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P with zero variadic arguments
2019-01-14 samolisov Enable building as a shared library (dll) on Windows with Bazel

Created with:
  roll-dep src/third_party/googletest/src

Also temporarily disable Googletest deprecation warnings in
//third_party/boringssl and //third_party/libaddressinput until they
migrate their usage of deprecated APIs.

Also replace _TEST_CASE_ with _TEST_SUITE_.

Bug: 925652, 936691
Change-Id: I50fb3811b067453d04dc2b2f739b27141c0951b6
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diff --git a/ b/
index e771efb..30d2a40 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@
-    "src/googletest/include/gtest/internal/gtest-param-util-generated.h",
diff --git a/README.chromium b/README.chromium
index 3d53407..4e785d9 100644
--- a/README.chromium
+++ b/README.chromium
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 Name: Google Test: Google's C++ Testing Framework
 Short Name: googletest
-Version: 1.8.0.git-5ec7f0c4a113e2f18ac2c6cc7df51ad6afc24081
+Version: 1.8.0.git-efecb0bfa687cf87836494f5d62868485c00fb66
 License: BSD
 License File: NOT_SHIPPED
 Security critical: no