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2019-04-16 absl-team Googletest export
2019-04-15 absl-team Googletest export
2019-04-12 calvin Sort Haiku platform definition alphabetically.
2019-04-11 calvin Add Haiku platform support.
2019-04-11 rong.ou replace test case with test suite in the primer
2019-04-09 davidben MSVC C5046 warning is unavailable in MSVC 2015.
2019-04-09 rong.ou add missing period
2019-04-07 gennadiycivil Update
2019-04-06 ivo.kirov Update
2019-04-04 absl-team Googletest export
2019-02-21 yaneurabeya clang: explicitly enable/disable RTTI support with the compiler
2019-04-02 absl-team Googletest export
2019-03-29 yaneurabeya Handle GTEST_SKIP() when calling `Environment::SetUp()`

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