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# This is a vpython "spec" file.
# It describes patterns for python wheel dependencies of the python scripts in
# the chromium repo, particularly for dependencies that have compiled components
# (since pure-python dependencies can be easily vendored into third_party).
# When vpython is invoked, it finds this file and builds a python VirtualEnv,
# containing all of the dependencies described in this file, fetching them from
# CIPD (the "Chrome Infrastructure Package Deployer" service). Unlike `pip`,
# this never requires the end-user machine to have a working python extension
# compilation environment. All of these packages are built using:
# All python scripts in the repo share this same spec, to avoid dependency
# fragmentation.
# If you have depot_tools installed in your $PATH, you can invoke python scripts
# in this repo by running them as you normally would run them, except
# substituting `vpython` instead of `python` on the command line, e.g.:
# vpython path/to/ some --arguments
# Read more about `vpython` and how to modify this file here:
python_version: "3.8"
# The default set of platforms vpython checks does not yet include mac-arm64.
# Setting `verify_pep425_tag` to the list of platforms we explicitly must support
# allows us to ensure that vpython specs stay mac-arm64-friendly
verify_pep425_tag: [
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "manylinux1_x86_64"},
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "linux_arm64"},
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "macosx_10_10_intel"},
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "macosx_11_0_arm64"},
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "win32"},
{python: "cp38", abi: "cp38", platform: "win_amd64"}