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// Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <functional>
#include <string_view>
#include "ipcz/driver_transport.h"
#include "util/ref_counted.h"
namespace ipcz::test {
// Helper for tests to conveniently listen for incoming messages on a driver
// transport.
class TestTransportListener : public DriverTransport::Listener {
using GenericMessageHandler =
std::function<bool(const DriverTransport::RawMessage& message)>;
using ErrorHandler = std::function<void()>;
TestTransportListener(IpczHandle node, IpczDriverHandle handle);
explicit TestTransportListener(Ref<DriverTransport> transport);
~TestTransportListener() override;
// Deactivates the transport and stops listening for messages and/or errors.
void StopListening();
// NOTE: The message handlers below are mutually exclusive, and all of them
// activate the transport if it's not already active.
// Invokes `handler` every time a message is received on the transport.
void OnRawMessage(GenericMessageHandler handler);
// Invokes `handler` every time a message is received on the transport.
// Messages are expected to have no driver handles attached, and message data
// is exposed to `handler` as string data.
void OnStringMessage(std::function<void(std::string_view)> handler);
// Invokes `handler` when the transport encounters an error, such as
// disconnection or validation failure. Activates the transport if not already
// active.
void OnError(ErrorHandler handler);
template <typename MessageType>
using MessageHandler = std::function<bool(MessageType&)>;
// Listens only for a specific type of message and passes its deserialized
// representation to `handler`. Any other message is failure.
template <typename MessageType>
void OnMessage(MessageHandler<MessageType> handler) {
OnRawMessage([this, handler](const DriverTransport::RawMessage& message) {
MessageType m;
EXPECT_TRUE(m.Deserialize(message, *transport_));
return handler(m);
// Listens for a specific type of message, deserializing and discarding them
// when they arrive.
template <typename MessageType>
void DiscardMessages() {
OnMessage<MessageType>([](MessageType& message) { return IPCZ_RESULT_OK; });
void ActivateTransportIfNecessary();
// DriverTransport::Listener:
bool OnTransportMessage(const DriverTransport::RawMessage& message,
const DriverTransport& transport) override;
void OnTransportError() override;
const Ref<DriverTransport> transport_;
bool activated_ = false;
GenericMessageHandler message_handler_;
ErrorHandler error_handler_;
} // namespace ipcz::test