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# Outputs the files required to build libunwindstack on stdout.
set -e -u
if [[ -z ${1+x} ]]; then
echo Usage: $0 out_dir
exit 1
# Change to the Chrome repository root.
cd $(dirname $0)/../../..
# Temporarily set up the build to write angle includes to the deps file since
# libunwindstack uses these to include its own headers.
perl -i -pe 's/-MMD/-MD/' $out_dir/
# `clean` can return a non-zero exit code if targets write files to the output
# directory that ninja doesn't know about.
autoninja -C $out_dir -t clean >&2 || true
autoninja -C $out_dir -d keepdepfile >&2
# Restore the default deps file behavior.
gn gen $out_dir >&2
find $out_dir/obj/third_party/libunwindstack/libunwindstack \
$out_dir/obj/base/native_unwinder_android -name \*.d |
xargs cat |
# Depenencies are listed in the deps files indented by spaces, and may be
# followed by a space and backslash. Extract the dependencies under the
# libunwindstack path.
perl -lne 'print $1 if m: .*third_party/libunwindstack/(\S+):'
# Dep files aren't generated for assembly so these files must be explicitly
# included.
(cd third_party/libunwindstack && find src -path src/libunwindstack/\*.S)
} | sort -u