[Sampling profiler] Add include dir to public config

Users of the target need to include its headers, and those headers
transitively include other headers within the target using angle
brackets. So it's necessary to provide a public config that adds the
include dir to the system include path. This is modeled after Perfetto's
config in //third_party/perfetto/buildtools/BUILD.gn, but without the
parts we don't need.

This change also moves the NO_LIBDEXFILE_SUPPORT into the public config.
This is required for ODR compliance since the define is used to
conditionally include code/declarations across both headers and cc

Bug: 1083530
Change-Id: I6700324fdae4909dd1df7eb6a99d3adeba99ecd1
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Reviewed-by: Etienne Pierre-Doray <etiennep@chromium.org>
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