[XML] Pass better parsing errors to through data_decoder

The xmllib parsing library gives quite nice errors when parsing an
XML document fails. Unfortunately, when using XMLParser (which is
leveraged by the data_decoder service, and used whenever the browser
process needs to parse XML), these errors are simply emitted to stderr
and a generic error is passed back.

Instead, gather these errors when attempting to parse the XML document
and return them with the error from XMLParser.

Example: Given (bad) input
"<fragment><dim>hello <url>foo</dim> world</url></fragment>"

Invalid XML: bad content

Invalid XML: bad content: Entity: line 1: parser error : Opening and
ending tag mismatch: url line 1 and dim
<dim>hello <url>foo</dim> world</url></fragment>

Add unit tests for the new errors, and update the use in the
extension omnibox API to take advantage of them.

Bug: 1186804
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+    "//services/data_decoder:lib",
   sources = [