Roll libxml from 37ebf8a8 to f2987a29

This patch also removes the docbook configure option which was removed
upstream and changes the filename of the generated archive file from
"gz" to "xz" due to upstream changes.

2022-04-03 cmake: Remove non needed files in docs dir
2022-04-04 Move doc/examples tests to new test suite
2022-04-04 Simplify 'make check' targets
2022-04-03 configure: move XML_PRIVATE_LIBS after WIN32_EXTRA_LIBADD is set
2022-04-04 Fix schemas and relaxng tests
2022-04-04 Remove unused result files
2020-07-09 Move regexp tests to runtest
2020-07-09 Allow missing result files in runtest
2022-04-03 Move SVG tests to runtest.c
2022-04-03 Move testModule to new test suite
2022-04-03 Move testThreads to new test suite
2022-04-03 Remove major parts of old test suite
2022-04-03 Move local Autoconf macros into m4 directory
2022-04-03 Remove outdated
2022-04-03 Update xml2-config man page
2022-04-03 Consolidate man pages
2022-04-03 Make testchar return an error on failure
2022-04-03 Initialize XPath floating-point globals
2022-04-03 Add CI job for static build
2022-04-03 Use XML_PRIVATE_LIBS in libxml2_la_LIBADD
2022-04-03 Update
2022-04-03 Remove LIBS from XML_PRIVATE_LIBS
2022-04-03 Don't overlink executables
2022-04-02 cmake: Adjust paths for UNIX or UNIX-like target systems
2022-04-02 build: Make use of variables in libxml's pkg-config file
2022-04-02 Avoid obsolescent `test -a` constructs
2022-02-06 Make xmlStaticCopyNode non-recursive
2022-03-06 Clean up encoding switching code
2022-04-02 Move AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to AM section
2022-01-18 configure: check for icu DEFS
2022-04-02 produce tar.xz only (GNOME policy)
2022-04-02 make AM_SILENT_RULES([yes]) unconditional
2022-04-02 Fix GitLab pages job
2022-04-02 Rename xmlcatalog_man.xml
2022-04-02 Streamline documentation installation
2022-04-02 Don't try to recreate COPYING symlink
2022-03-29 Add windows includes to xmlIO.c
2022-03-30 python/tests: open() relative to test scripts
2022-03-30 Detect libm using libtool's macros
2022-03-30 disable static libraries by default
2022-03-30 python/ nest python docs in $(docdir)
2022-03-30 python/ rely on global AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2022-03-30 install examples more idiomatically
2022-03-30 remove useless AC_SUBST
2022-03-30 Respect `--sysconfdir` in source files
2022-03-30 fix: xmlXPathParserContext could be double-delete in  OOM case.
2022-03-18 Ignore configure backup file created by recent autoreconf too
2022-03-02 Only install *.html and *.c example files
2022-03-02 Remove --with-html-dir option
2022-03-02 Rework documentation build system
2022-03-02 Remove old website
2022-03-29 Mark docbook symbols as removed
2022-03-29 Port some test scripts to Python 3
2022-03-29 Fix calls to deprecated init/cleanup functions
2022-03-29 Use AM_PATH_PYTHON/PKG_CHECK_MODULES for python bindings
2022-03-22 Revert "Continue to parse entity refs in recovery mode"
2022-03-18 Revert "Simplify recursive pthread mutex"
2022-03-06 Undeprecate schema init functions
2022-03-09 Fix --without-debug build
2022-03-06 Fix weak pthread symbols after commit 4adb7677
2022-03-06 Use critical sections as mutex on Windows
2022-03-06 Simplify recursive pthread mutex
2022-03-06 Use non-recursive mutex in dict.c
2022-03-06 Deprecate module init and cleanup functions
2022-03-06 Fix parser progress checks
2022-03-06 Avoid arithmetic on freed pointers
2022-03-05 Continue to parse entity refs in recovery mode
2022-03-05 Improve buffer allocation scheme
2022-03-05 Don't set HAVE_WIN32_THREADS in win32config.h
2022-03-05 Fix potential double-free in xmlXPtrStringRangeFunction
2022-03-05 Fix memory leak in xmlFindCharEncodingHandler
2022-03-05 Normalize XPath strings in-place
2022-03-02 Make examples a standalone HTML page
2022-03-02 Remove obsolete XML Software Autoupdate (XSA) file
2022-03-02 Add XML_DEPRECATED to ignored keywords
2022-03-04 Remove DOCBparser
2022-03-04 Remove unneeded #includes
2022-03-04 Use stdint.h with newer MSVC
2022-03-04 Remove cruft from win32config.h
2022-03-04 Remove ICONV_CONST test
2022-03-04 Remove from
2022-03-03 Remove isinf/isnan emulation in win32config.h
2022-03-02 Fix recursion check in xinclude.c
2022-03-02 Update
2022-03-02 Update
2022-03-02 Move xmlCleanupGlobals to non-generated section
2022-03-02 Remove obsolete Python test framework

Bug: 934413
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