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Name: libxml
Version: dea91c97debeac7c1aaf9c19f79029809e23a353
CPEPrefix: cpe:/a:xmlsoft:libxml2:2.9.12
License: MIT
License File: src/Copyright
Security Critical: yes
libxml2 from
- chromium-issue-599427.patch: workaround for VS 2015 Update 2 code-gen bug
- chromium-issue-628581.patch: See
- chromium-issue-894933.patch: Use ptrdiff_t instead of unsigned long for
pointer differences in parser.c
- libxml2-2.9.4-security-CVE-2017-7376-nanohttp-out-of-bounds-write.patch:
- libxml2-2.9.4-security-xpath-nodetab-uaf.patch: See
- chromium-issue-708434.patch: Guard against input counter overflow.
- chromium-issue-1138555.patch: Change TRUE to 1 for ICU68 which remove the
#define of TRUE.
- Add helper classes in the chromium/ subdirectory.
- Delete various unused files, see chromium/
This import was generated by the chromium/ script.