Roll libxml from bfd2f430 to a46e85f6

2021-05-22 Update CMake project version
2021-05-22 Add CMake alias targets for embedded projects
2021-05-18 Fix some validation errors in the FAQ
2021-05-19 Remove unused variable in xmlCharEncOutFunc
2021-05-16 Add missing file to EXTRA_DIST
2021-05-16 Add instructions on how to use CMake to compile libxml
2021-05-18 Work around lxml API abuse
2021-05-20 fix: avoid segfault at exit when using custom memory functions
2021-05-13 Release of libxml2-2.9.12
2021-05-13 Release of libxml2-2.9.11
2021-05-13 Patch for security issue CVE-2021-3541

Fixed: 1212694
Bug: 934413
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