Roll libxml from f2987a29 to e08d8c37

This roll also includes a patch I made to fix the windows configure
script which I am planning on merging upstream.

2022-05-06 Add xptr_locs flag to win32/configure.js
2022-05-06 fix typo in comment
2022-05-06 fix Schematron spelling
2022-03-08 [CVE-2022-29824] Fix integer overflows in xmlBuf and xmlBuffer
2022-04-27 Define LFS macros before including system headers
2022-04-23 Fix parsing of subtracted regex character classes
2022-04-23 Redirect examples test output to /dev/null
2022-04-23 Don't try to copy children of entity references
2022-04-21 Port to Python 3
2022-04-22 testapi: remove leading slash from "/missing.xml"
2022-04-21 Build Autotools CI tests out of source tree (VPATH)
2022-04-21 Add --with-minimum build to CI tests
2022-04-21 Fix warnings when testing --with-minimum build
2022-04-21 Implement xpath1() XPointer scheme
2022-04-20 Add configuration flag for XPointer locations support
2022-04-21 Regenerate api.xml and testapi.c
2022-04-21 Port to Python 3
2022-04-20 Remove remaining definitions of STDC_HEADERS
2022-04-20 cmake: Run all tests when threads are disabled
2022-04-20 cmake: Fix build with thread support
2022-04-13 Also build CI tests with -Werror
2022-04-13 Don't mix declarations and code in runtest.c
2022-04-13 cmake: Disable FTP and legacy modules by default
2022-04-13 Run CI tests with FTP and legacy modules
2022-04-13 Fix compiler warnings in Python code
2022-04-13 cmake: Fix build without thread support
2022-04-08 Prevent integer-overflow in htmlSkipBlankChars() and xmlSkipBlankChars()
2022-04-08 Use UPDATE_COMPAT() consistently in buf.c
2022-04-10 Fix short-lived regression in xmlStaticCopyNode
2022-04-08 cmake: Install documentation in CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR
2022-04-08 cmake: Remove more unnecessary files installed in docs dir
2016-05-20 Mark more static data as `const`
2022-04-06 Fix leak of xmlElementContent
2022-04-07 CMakeLists.txt: Fix LIBXML_VERSION_NUMBER
2022-04-06 Use portable python shebangs

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