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Version: 0.5.0 - Date: 2008-09-20
Major enhancements:
* Issue #72: pyftpdlib now provides configurable idle timeouts to disconnect
client after a long time of inactivity.
* Issue #73: impose a delay before replying for invalid credentials to minimize
the risk of brute force password guessing.
* Issue #74: it is now possible to define permission exceptions for certain
directories (e.g. creating a user which does not have write permission except
for one sub-directory in FTP root).
* Improved bandwidth throttling capabilities of demo/ script
by having used the new CallLater class which drastically reduces the number
of calls to time.time().
* Issue #62: some unit tests were failing on dual core machines.
* Issue #71: socket handles are leaked when a data transfer is in progress and
user QUITs.
* Issue #75: orphaned file was left behind in case STOU failed for insufficient
user permissions.
* Issue #77: incorrect OOB data management on FreeBSD.
Version: 0.4.0 - Date: 2008-05-16
Major enhancements:
* Issue #65: assume the id of real users when using system dependent
* Issue #67: added IPv6 support.
* Issue #64: issue when authenticating as anonymous user using user-defined
* Issue #66: WinNTAuthorizer does not determine the real user home directory.
* Issue #69: DummyAuthorizer incorrectly uses class attribute instead of
instance attribute for user_table dictionary.
* Issue #70: wrong NOOP response code.
API changes since 0.3.0:
* DummyAuthorizer class changes:
* impersonate_user() and terminate_impersonation() methods have been
Version: 0.3.0 - Date: 2008-01-17
Major enhancements:
* Issue #48: real permissions, owner, and group for files on UNIX platforms are
now provided when processing LIST.
* Issue #51: added the new demo/ script.
* Issue #59: iterators are now used for calculating requests requiring long
time to complete (LIST and MLSD commands).
* Issue #61: extended the set of assignable user permissions.
RFC-related enhancements:
* Issue #42: implemented FEAT command defined in RFC-2389.
* Issue #52: implemented MLST and MLSD commands defined in RFC-3659.
* Issue #58: implemented OPTS command define in RFC-2389.
* Issue #41: error occurred on quit if user was not yet authenticated.
* Issue #43: hidden the server identifier when returning STAT response.
* Issue #44: a wrong response code was given on PORT if the data connection
attempt failed.
* Issue #45: a wrong response code was given on HELP if argument was incorrect.
* Issue #46: a wrong response code was given on PASV if remote peer had a
foreign internet address.
* Issue #47: can't use FTPServer.max_cons option with Python 2.3.
* Issue #48: problem when LISTing "broken" symbolic links.
* Issue #49: data channel did not respect the outgoing data buffer.
* Issue #53: received strings having trailing white spaces was erroneously
* Issue #54: LIST/NLST/STAT outputs are now sorted by file name.
* Issue #55: path traversal vulnerability in case of symlinks.
* Issue #56: can't rename broken symbolic links.
* Issue #57: wrong LIST/NLST behavior when processing symbolic links.
* Issue #60: error occurred in case of bad formatted PORT command requests.
API changes since 0.2.0:
* New IteratorProducer and BufferedIteratorProducer classes have been added.
* DummyAuthorizer class changes:
* The permissions management has been changed and the set of available
permissions have been extended (see Issue #61). add_user() method
now accepts "eladfm" permissions beyond the old "r" and "w".
* r_perm() and w_perm() methods have been removed.
* New has_perm() and get_perms() methods have been added.
* AbstractedFS class changes:
* normalize() method has been renamed in ftpnorm().
* translate() method has been renamed in ftp2fs().
* New methods: fs2ftp(), stat(), lstat(), islink(), realpath(), lexists(),
* get_list_dir(), get_stat_dir() and format_list() methods now return an
iterator object instead of a string.
* format_list() method has a new "ignore_err" keyword argument.
* global debug() function has been removed.
Version: 0.2.0 - Date: 2007-09-17
Major enhancements:
* Issue #5: provided a way to configure / limit the number of maximum
acceptable connections.
* Issue #5: provided a way to configure / limit the maximum number of clients
which may be connected from the same IP address.
* Issue #36: added support for FXP site-to-site transfer to allow transfers
between FTP servers.
* Issue #39: added NAT/Firewall support with PASV (passive) mode connections
for FTP servers behind NAT.
* Issue #40: provided new FTPHandler.passive_ports attribute to control what
ports to use for passive data-transfers.
RFC-related enhancements:
* Issue #6: accept and process TYPE AN and TYPE L8 commands.
* Issue #7: a new USER command can now be entered at any point to begin the
login sequence again.
* Issue #8: be compliant with STOU output format defined in RFC 1123.
* Issue #10: HELP command arguments are now accepted.
* Issue #12: 554 error response is now returned on RETR/STOR if REST fails.
* Issue #15: STAT used with an argument return directory LISTing over the
command channel.
Security enhancements:
* Issue #3: stop buffering when extremely long lines are received.
* Issue #11: reject data connection when a privileged port is specified on
PORT command.
* Issue #25: limit the number of attempts to find a unique filename for
STOU command.
Usability enhancements:
* Provided an overridable attribute to easily set number of maximum login
attempts before disconnecting.
* Docstrings are now provided for almost every method and function.
* Issue #30: command help strings quality improved by adding command
* Issue #31: a compact list of recognized commands is now provided on HELP.
* Issue #32: we now provide a detailed error message on connection and file
system errors.
* Issue #38: anonymous user write access can now be optionally granted.
Test suite enhancements:
* File creation/removal moved into setUp and tearDown methods to avoid leaving
behind orphaned temporary files in the event of a test suite failure.
* Issue #7: added tests for a new USER provided while already
* Issue #7: added tests for REIN while a transfer is in progress.
* Issue #28: added tests for ABOR command.
* Issue #4: socket's "reuse_address" feature was used after the socket's
* Issue #9: corrected path traversal vulnerability affecting file-system path
* Issue #14: a wrong response code was returned on CDUP.
* Issue #17: reject SIZE if pathname is a directory.
* Issue #18: a wrong ABOR response code type was returned.
* Issue #19: watch for STOU preceded by REST which makes no sense.
* Issue #20: "attempted login" counter wasn't incremented on wrong username.
* Issue #21: STAT wasn't permitted if user wasn't authenticated yet.
* Issue #22: corrected memory leaks occurring on KeyboardInterrupt/SIGTERM.
* Issue #23: PASS wasn't rejected when user was already authenticated.
* Issue #24: can't use os.strerror() on pythonCE.
* Issue #24: problem occurred on Windows when using '\\' as user's home
* Issue #26: used select() by default instead of poll() because of an asyncore
module's defect.
* Issue #33: some FTPHandler class attributes wasn't resetted on REIN.
* Issue #35: watch for APPE preceded by REST which makes no sense.
Version: 0.1.1 - Date: 2007-03-27
* Port selection on PASV command has been randomized to prevent a remote user
to know how many data connections are in progress on the server.
* Fixed bug in demo/ script (reported by Roger Erens).
* Little modification to add_anonymous method of dummy_authorizer class.
* ftp_server.serve_forever automatically re-use address if current system is
* License changed into a MIT style one.
Version: 0.1.0 - Date: 2007-02-26
* First proof of concept beta release.