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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""A basic FTP server which uses a DummyAuthorizer for managing 'virtual
users', setting a limit for incoming connections.
import os
from pyftpdlib import ftpserver
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Instantiate a dummy authorizer for managing 'virtual' users
authorizer = ftpserver.DummyAuthorizer()
# Define a new user having full r/w permissions and a read-only
# anonymous user
authorizer.add_user('user', '12345', os.getcwd(), perm='elradfmw')
# Instantiate FTP handler class
ftp_handler = ftpserver.FTPHandler
ftp_handler.authorizer = authorizer
# Define a customized banner (string returned when client connects)
ftp_handler.banner = "pyftpdlib %s based ftpd ready." %ftpserver.__ver__
# Specify a masquerade address and the range of ports to use for
# passive connections. Decomment in case you're behind a NAT.
#ftp_handler.masquerade_address = ''
#ftp_handler.passive_ports = range(60000, 65535)
# Instantiate FTP server class and listen to
address = ('', 21)
ftpd = ftpserver.FTPServer(address, ftp_handler)
# set a limit for connections
ftpd.max_cons = 256
ftpd.max_cons_per_ip = 5
# start ftp server