Update third_party/tlslite to 0.4.8.

This pulls in TLS 1.2 support from upstream.

Local patches:
- tls_intolerant.patch: rebased
- channel_id.patch: rebased
- signed_certificate_timestamps.patch: rebased
- fallback_scsv.patch: rebased
- status_request.patch: rebased
- pycrypto.patch: dropped; fixed upstream.
- client_cipher_preferences.patch: dropped; upstream came up with saner
- ssl3_padding.patch: rebased
- srp_cert.patch: dropped; no longer needed.
- fix_test_file.patch: rebased
- dhe_rsa.patch: rebased and heavily reworked to account for TLS 1.2 and
  server cipher order.
- req_cert_types.patch: rebased and tweaked to fix upstream TLS 1.2 bugs.
- ignore_write_failure.patch: rebased
- intolerance_options.patch: rebased
- save_client_hello.patch: rebased
- certificate_request.patch: newly added; fix more upstream TLS 1.2 bugs.

Other changes:
- Upstream disabled SSLv3 by default. It is re-enabled in test_server.py for
  testing purposes.


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