[CFI] Enable cfi-icall type generalization

Control Flow Integrity [1] indirect call checking verifies that function
pointers only call valid functions with a matching type signature. This
condition can be too strict, a common form of 'abstraction' relies on
function pointers being cast to generalize argument pointer types to
void*. For example, qsort() accepts two const void*s but the
implementations are likely to implement the comparison function using
pointers to the specific type being sorted.

This function relaxes cfi-icall type checking for code that uses this
pattern by using the new -fsanitize-cfi-icall-generalize-pointers
argument. It considers all pointer types equal as long as their
qualifiers match.


Bug: 785442
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diff --git a/BUILD.gn b/BUILD.gn
index 21dffd3..843c2b5 100644
--- a/BUILD.gn
+++ b/BUILD.gn
@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@
   config("yasm_config") {
+    configs = [ "//build/config/sanitizers:cfi_icall_generalize_pointers" ]
     include_dirs = [