Optimize yasm even in debug builds

Running yasm on highbd_sad4d_sse2.asm takes about ~33 seconds on debug
component builds on Windows - closer to 42 seconds when the system is
under load. This is partially because compiler optimizations are
disabled in debug builds (costs ~5 seconds) and partially because we
link with the debug CRT (costs ~15 seconds). This change makes it so
that we always enable optimizations and always link with the release
CRT, thus reducing the time to run yasm on highbd_sad4d_sse2.asm from
~33 seconds to ~13 seconds.

Further improvements could be obtained by only running yasm once on the
.asm files, but such a change is left for later.

The total CPU-time savings is tiny compared to the cost of a full build,
but on some goma builds this step ends up being the long pole which
serializes the build and costs an estimated 5% of elapsed build time.


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