Disable incremental linking for some tools

We occasionally get build crashes because binaries (usually protoc.exe,
but others as well) are generated incorrectly. The symptom is that the
incremental linking thunks contain all zeroes instead of a branch
instruction, leading to crashes, usually access violations. This is
presumed to be a bug in the MSVC++ incremental linker.

This turns off incremental linking for four of the binaries that hit
this issue most frequently, and some of their neighbors. These binaries
are all small enough that incremental linking is not important so there
is no real downside to making this change.

Testing over the weekend shows that this error, or something very like
it, can happen even with incremental linking disabled. I hope that this
will reduce the frequency of the failures and there is no downside so
I'm going to proceed and see if it helps.

Bug: 644525
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