Use /analyze:WX- instead of /WX- - avoids 3925 D9025 warnings.

When building with /analyze there are, inevitably, thousands of
warnings. Since going /analyze warning-free is a non-goal we can't
have warnings be errors. This was previously handled by overriding
the /WX setting with /WX- but this worked patchily and led to lots
of these D9025 warnings:

    cl : Command line warning D9025 : overriding '/WX' with '/WX-'

I just discovered that /analyze:WX- can be used to say that /analyze
warnings should not be treated as errors. This avoids contradicting
/WX and therefore avoids the 3925 D9025 warnings. This makes the raw
results much easier to look through.

This change necessitates updating the /analyze exclusions in libexif
and yasm - running /analyze on those projects causes internal
compiler errors.


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