Revert "Disable incremental linking for some tools"

This reverts commit 1942fd8a7fe9fc609f51ef1fbff210ba5f356415.

Reason for revert: This was a hack that attempted to fix random link
failures. This hack ultimately didn't work because the crashes we
were seeing were due to a kernel bug, not a linker bug.

Original change's description:
> Disable incremental linking for some tools
> We occasionally get build crashes because binaries (usually protoc.exe,
> but others as well) are generated incorrectly. The symptom is that the
> incremental linking thunks contain all zeroes instead of a branch
> instruction, leading to crashes, usually access violations. This is
> presumed to be a bug in the MSVC++ incremental linker.
> This turns off incremental linking for four of the binaries that hit
> this issue most frequently, and some of their neighbors. These binaries
> are all small enough that incremental linking is not important so there
> is no real downside to making this change.
> Testing over the weekend shows that this error, or something very like
> it, can happen even with incremental linking disabled. I hope that this
> will reduce the frequency of the failures and there is no downside so
> I'm going to proceed and see if it helps.
> Bug: 644525
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Bug: 644525
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