[zlib][x86] Allow build & execution of both optimized CRC-32 functions

In Chromium zlib we have quite a few implementations of CRC-32, as follows:
- x86: vectorized SSE4.2 and AVX-512 functions.
- Arm: scalar crc32 using the crypto extensions (32bit & 64bit) and PMULL
       based (aarch64 only)
- Portable: using the Kadatch-Jenkins algorithm, implemented by Mark Adler
       in the canonical zlib.

The current behavior for x86-64 is that it was exclusive: either use AVX-512
or the SSE4.2 function, decided at compile time.

Instead the best approach is to have both built if AVX-512 optimizations are
enabled at compile time and leverage the best performant version depending
on the *length* of the data inputs.

Initial data points to an improvement of near +2% faster data decompression by
leveraging this strategy, tested on Xeon 4th gen (SPR).

Bug: 340921315
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