cct_benchmark: The Great Pinning Benchmark

This is the final step in upstreaming the benchmark.


In order to function properly the benchmark requires a couple of simple
Android-side changes in the pinner service plus a non-trivial-to-find
exporting of the service, and a more allowing SELinux policy.

* we may want to experiment with it again, after fixing a few startup
* the uploaded experimental change [1] is not super trivial to merge, so
  if we do not want to keep this stuff, we can keep this upload as
  something easier to merge in again
* the introduced functionality is mostly orthogonal to the existing
  code. The changes on the current codepath are:
  1. during launchCustomTabs() a few more steps are done to pin/unpin
     and consume extra memory
  2. and more logging is done in the CSV
  3. that's it

[1] CCT benchmark: experiment with pinning

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