Migrate android dependency visualization to Vue SFCs

Vue SFCs (Single File Components) offer many benefits (see website:
https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/single-file-components.html). This highly
mechanical CL migrates the current Vue components to SFCs by taking the
following steps:

For each file in src/vue_components:
* Rename the file to .vue.
* Move the `template` field into a <template/> tag.
* Move the imports to the top of a <script/> tag.
* Assign the rest of the component to a const in the <script/> tag.
* `export default` the previous const at the end of the <script/> tag.
Caveat: Sometimes ${} notation was used to insert constants into the
template literals. This cannot be done in the <template/> tags, so
constants are redeclared as a computed property of the component.

For each of the .css files:
* If the selector is for part of a component, move it into a scoped
<style/> tag in that component.
* If the selector is part of a component, but affects a child of that
component (eg. autocomplete or d3's auto-generated svg elements), move
it into a non-scoped <style/> tag in that component.

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